• More specifications coated glass coated glass glass

More specifications coated glass coated glass glass

White color glass

The purity of 99 (%)

Mohs hardness 7

The characteristics of High temperature resistant, high purity

Origin of jinzhou

Brand jin da

The raw type Coated glass


Product Details

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1) high purity: purity is an important indicator of quartz glass, ordinary quartz glass SiO2 content greater than 99.99%, high purity synthetic glass SiO2 content in more than 99.999%.

(2) thermal performance: the heat-resisting performance than any glass, quartz glass transparent quartz glass glass can withstand the work under the condition of high temperature 1100 ℃ ~ 1150 ℃ for long-term use.

(3) thermal stability: tiny quartz glass linear expansion coefficient, so have high thermal stability. Have to withstand severe temperature changes without cracking ability.

(4) mechanical properties: transparent quartz glass is 6 ~ 7 mohs hardness, compression of 14000 kg/cm2, the bending of 700 kg/cm2, the proportion of 2.903, mechanical properties than hard glass and ceramics are all well.

5. Chemical properties: quartz glass is good acid material, its chemical stability is equivalent to 30 times of acid-resistant ceramics, except hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid of more than 300 ℃, to other acid corrosion.

6 optical performance: quartz glass has good spectral characteristics, it can be through the ultraviolet and infrared light, high purity synthetic quartz glass can also through deep uv and resistance r rays.

All landowners electrical performance: quartz glass can hardly contain alkaline ion conductive, compared with other glass belongs to poor conductor. In the uhf with excellent properties. So as a solid insulating materials. Its electrical properties are far superior than its his material.

Company Profile

Jinzhou Jinda Quartz Glass Products Co., Ltd.
is a professional manufacturer of quartz glass and quartz products, by many young and middle-aged experts and pragmatic spirit of young people. It is a high and new technology power for its own development, service to the society as the objective to the largest extent, flexible mechanism, dynamic, strong professional new type of integrated industry. Under the solicitude of leaders at all levels, under the support of social from all walks of life tongren and factory all staff hard work hard work, factory since its inception in 95, has been rapid development. The purchase of advanced equipment, and constantly pursue technology updates, new times out, swelled ability, occupies a place in the field of quartz material and production management, and rely on their own advantages to develop a variety of products, to solve the problems to be solved in the production and expand their business areas, reveal a bright future for development of factory.
Jinzhou Jinda Quartz Glass Products Co., Ltd.


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