• Microwave vacuum dryer

Microwave vacuum dryer

Design for the paste material moisture content and low temperature drying;

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Microwave vacuum dryer
Type Frequency (MHz) Working power supply power (KW) Size(L*W*H)(m) Microwave leakage(mW/c㎡)
Box type 2450±50 380V,50Hz 30(Adjustable) 2.5*2.5*2.5       ≤1  
Note: The parameters of material vacuum drying equipment should be used according to the instructions, the specific maybe different because of the customizing of the equipments. 

B. Product characteristics :

  1,Design for the paste material moisture content and low temperature drying;

  2,Vertical Transmission rotation, large paving area, basket type tray, PTFE material;

  3,The vacuum degree is less than or equal to -0.09Mpa, subject to automatic control;

  4,Thickening 304 stainless steel, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, no dead angle of 360 DEG automatic cleaning;

  5,The core components of the microwave system of independent R & D and manufacturing are strictly in accordance with the standard custom Great.

  6,Uses of drainage system, high efficiency drainage,

  7,Human-computer interface control. PLC automatic control can realize the data storage, output, printing .

  8, Microwave power adjustment free. Process parameters set free. Can be set to a variety of process curve;

  9,Loading and unloading can be realized automatically, manually positioning and timing.

  10,Using non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology, high precision, simple to control, video display, easy to monitor;

  11,Compliance with national GMP certification requirements.Microwave leakage numerical: ≤1mW/c㎡ (National standard ≤1mW/c㎡)
C: Application field:

  Suitable for the medicine pill, powder, vacuum drying and sterilizing tablets, especially for all kinds of paste materials.

Microwave vacuum dryer

Company Profile

Company Introduction
Zhengzhou Great Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd As a leading manufacturer and supplier of a variety of microwave drying equipment and heating solutions used in different applications and industries.
We provide all of the resources needed to support industrial microwave and hot air circulation drying equipment and system. Our main products includes microwave vacuum dryer, hot air circulation drying oven, batch dryer, digital displayed constant temperature drying machine,etc.
Our mission is to increase our customers' business productivity while assuring operator safety by helping users realize the maximum benefit from the quality of equipment, human resource, technology
and general processes. This is accomplished in the design and manufacturing of equipment and support components at a level of quality unsurpassed in the industry.

Technical Strengths
With strong technical strengths and a long-term "production, learning, research" cooperation with Xi'an JiaoTong University, Zhejiang University, Zhengzhou University, PLA Information Engineering University, Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management, Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry and other famous universities, thus all the machines from our company enjoys good reputation in both technology and quality. With the cooperation with some famous companies in China, such as Beijing Tongrentang Co.,ltd( famous medicine company in China), NI's INT( rose drying company) which invest more than 20million RMB, makes our company more famous and help us to take our technology even better.
Zhengzhou Great Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.


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