• LPGZL0.5 Small Vacuum Lyophilizer

LPGZL0.5 Small Vacuum Lyophilizer

Model: LPGZL0.5 
Voltage: 380V 
Power: 0.75-1.5kW 
Weight: 750KG 
Dimension(L*W*H): 1200X1100X2050mm 

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  • Condition: New
  • Type: Vacuum Drying Equipment
  • Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: LPMIE
  • Model Number: LPGZL0.5
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Power(W): 5.5Kw
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 1200X1100X2050mm
  • Weight: 750KG
  • Warranty: one year
  • Usage: pharmaceutics
  • Machine shape: column



LPGZL0.5 Small Vacuum Lyophilizer is made by our company, it is designed and manufactured strictly according to GMP specificatio 


LPGZL0.5 Small Vacuum Lyophilizer is made by our company, it is designed and manufactured strictly according to GMP specifications, and has the following advantages:

1. All the parts contacting the products are made of AISL 316L stainless steel, the surface roughness reaches R α≤0.5μm.
2. The inner circle of the chamber has a smooth transition without dead corner, no objects accumulated.
3. Consider for user, the structure is easy to clean.
4. Option for steam sterilization or chemical sterilization. 
Except for the above, our company can also provide automatic running CIP (on-site cleaning) and SIP (steam sterilization) functions to ensure the high quality of cleaning and the sterilization of the equipment.



1. The high-pressure water thoroughly wash inner surface of the chamber and condenser.
2. Equipped with large flow rate CIP pump.
3. Fixed with CIP tubing that automatically drains the residual water.
4. Use rotary and fixed nozzle with 360-degree spray.
5. The hydraulic system uses isolated retractable corrugated tube.



The vacuum system has the following characteristics:

1. Standard configuration, uses double stage oil sealing revolving plate pump.
2. Option: ULVAC or Edwards pump.
3. Equipped with two vacuum probes, for measuring the vacuum level of freeze drying chest and pump respectively. 
4. Option: condenser type vacuum meter.
5. There are two methods for drying chest vacuum level control:
5-1.Drying chamber vacuum level controls the opening and closing of the air inlet valve, introduces the sterilized air from sterilized room.
5-2. Drying  chamber vacuum level controls the opening degree of the big butterfly valve to reach the purpose of controlling the vacuum level.




Control and optimum disposition:

The control system of the freeze drier provides a reliable whole procedure control for the freeze drier. It has advanced functions of display, control, recording, printing and alarming. The control system has the following characteristics:
1. The main air switch, transformer and AC contactor fixed in electric cabinet are Siemens products. The electric cabinet is secured on machine frame. All machine pump motors are equipped with overheat protection, solenoid valve and heating circuit are equipped with separate protection.
2. The display screen uses touch screen, PLC programmable logic controller, indicating light, sound-light alarming system and etc.
3. Temperature measuring, pressure measuring, the components can work normally under high temperature, ultra-low temperature and high vacuum level with high reliability.
4. The control system can display the running status of all components of the whole system, and can store and process the operation information and various data. It can provide procedure recording report of whole freeze-drying process. It can set freeze-drying curve, monitor each status in freeze-drying procedure. It can alarm on failure or abnormal situation, provide checking for maintenance, the operator can set and modify data and steps.




Extremely good refrigeration effect:

The freeze drier uses the best refrigeration system to freeze the product and condensate the steam produced during freeze-drying procedure. Freeze-drying technology requires the refrigeration system to keep a low temperature status for a long period of time, therefore, the requirements to the refrigeration system are very high. But the freeze drier can easily help you to reach your coal.
1. Uses world famous brand, e.g. Danfoss, Copeland, Edwards, and etc.
2. The system uses double stage half sealed piston compressor to reach first class temperature reducing speed rate and the lowest temperature in China.
3. The system power equipped is much greater than needed to efficiently ensure the refrigeration performance. Digital and module design has a high protection to ensure the system to run normally and stably.
4. The powerful refrigeration system, liquid spray cooling system and other protection installations keep to the best working temperature and high system reliability. 
5. The sensitive transducing system can provide alarm and protection in time against abnormal running situation.
6. Uses refrigerant conforming to the world environment protection requirement, such as HCFCR22 and HFCRA for choice. 
7. Special synthetic lubricating oil can eliminate various kinds of problem due to high temperature of normal mineral oil.




 Technical Parameter: 

Model LPGZL 0.5
Shelf area (m2) 0.5
Shelf size (mm) 300X450
Number of shelf 4+1
Shelf spacing (mm) 80
Shelves level ±0.5mm/m
Shelf surface roughness (Ra) ≤ 0.4µm
Shelf temperature scope(°C) -55~+70
Shape of machine column
inner surface polish (chamber) mirror
Structure and shape of water capturer horizontal cylinder
Lowest temperature of water capturer (°C) -75
Capturing amount of water condenser (kg) 10
Control system automatic+manual
Power of whole machine (Kw) 5.5
Cooling water amount (m3/hr) (1.5≤ P≤ 2bar, T≤ 25°C) 3
SIP (option) No
CIP (option)
Weight of whole machine (kg) 730
Overall dimension LXWXH (mm) 1200X1100X2050

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