• KQ Single Channel Wall-mounted Gas Detector/Alarm

KQ Single Channel Wall-mounted Gas Detector/Alarm

Adopts advanced embedded micro controller(16 digit ultra-low power consumption )

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KQ Series single channel wall-mounted gas detector is can be used continuously in operation environment to detect the concentration of combustion gas, oxygen, and toxic gas.

The detector detects gas concentration in natural diffusion way, and uses imported electrochemical sensor or catalytic combustion sensor which has excellent sensibility and receptivity; big LCD displays the concentration of the leaked gas real time.

If the concentration exceeds the preset alarm level, detector will start the acoustic-optical alarm or exhaust system; international standard signal of 4-20mA can be directly connected into the factory DCS system, RS4845 digital signal is connected with factory’s principle computer; the device adopts embedded micro controlling technique. The performance of the whole detector is among the best ones in China.

Main features:

l Adopts advanced embedded micro controller(16 digit ultra-low power consumption )

l 128*64 dot matrix ultra-large liquid-crystal display

l User can set the alarm level by themselves

l Displaying the time of fist alarm

l Real-time clock

l Replaceable modularized sensor

l Automatic calibration function, reduce the measuring error.

l Automatically save alarm data for 1000 records

l standby battery can work more than 100 hours in the condition that do not alarm (optional)

l standard signal(4-20mA) can be directly connected to factory's DCS system (optional)

l RS4845 digital signal is connected to factory’s principle computer (optional)

Technical parameters

Detecting Gas combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen
Measuring Range see the chart
Deviation ≤± 3% F.S
Respond Time T90 < 30 s 
Display Mode 128*64 dot matrix ultra-large liquid-crystal display 
Alarm Level Low and high alarm. Users can set it.
Alarm Output relay output, volume AC  220V/2A.
Signal Output signal (4-20mA) can be directly connected to factory's  DCS  system (optional)
RS4845 digital signal is connected with factory’s principle computer (optional)
Working Temperature toxic gas: -20  + 50   
combustible gas: - 40  ~ + 70 
Working Humidity < 90% R.H. no condensation
Working Voltage AC220V / 50HZ
Spare Battery (optional) continuously work more than 100 hours in the condition that do not alarm.
combustible gas detector: continuously work 8 hours  
Protection Class IP65
Weight about 1.2kg

                                      Product Information Chart


Product Model Detected Gas Measuring Range  Resolution  Respond Time (T90) Low Alarm High Alarm
KQ-EX combustible gas 0-100%LEL 1%LEL ≤30s 20%LEL 50%LEL
KQ-O2 O2 030%vol 0.1%vol ≤15s 18.5%vol 23%vol
KQ-CO CO 01000ppm 1 ppm ≤15s 50ppm 150ppm
KQ-H2S H2S 0100ppm 1 ppm ≤15s 10ppm 15ppm
KQ-HCN HCN 020ppm 0.1ppm ≤30s 5ppm 10ppm
KQ-CL2 CL2 020ppm 0.1 ppm ≤30s 2ppm 5ppm
KQ-O3 O3



0.1 ppm







KQ-NH3 NH3 0100ppm 1 ppm ≤30s 25ppm 50ppm
KQ-H2 H2 01000ppm 1 ppm ≤30s 50ppm 200ppm
KQ-NO2 NO2 020ppm 0.1 ppm ≤25s 2ppm 5ppm
KQ-PH3 PH3 0-20ppm 0.1 ppm ≤15s 1ppm 3ppm
KQ-C3H3N C3H3N 0-100ppm 1ppm ≤30s 5ppm 15ppm
KQ-NO NO 0-250ppm 1ppm ≤25s 35ppm 50ppm
KQ-HCL HCL 0-20ppm 1ppm ≤25s 3ppm 5ppm
KQ-SO2 SO2 020ppm 0.1ppm ≤15s 2ppm 5ppm










As for unlisted detected gas and measuring range, please contact with our company 

KQ Single Channel Wall-mounted Gas Detector/Alarm

Company Profile

Since 2006 year, Henan Inte Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer that specializes in the R&D, production and marketing of a full line of gas detection products and solutions in China.
Our main products:
1) Portable gas detector, fixed gas detector, Industrial gas transmitter
2) Combustible gas detector, toxic gas detector
3) Gas alarm system,gas alarm controller

Our products have won a wide market by reliable performance, humanized design, reasonable price, and perfect after-sales service. Also, our products have been widely used in lines of petroleum, chemical, gas transmission and distribution, warehousing, municipal gas, fire fighting, environmental protection, metallurgy, pharmacy, energy and power industry. They have been spoken highly of by customers.

Our products have obtained Conformity Certificate of Explosion-Proof and Patten Approval Certificate of the Measuring Instruments. All of the certificates show our superior quality and ensure people's safety. Our marketing network covers Europe, the Middle East, Southeast-Asia, America and South Africa.

OEM orders are welcome!
Henan Inte Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.


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