• KPX-50L Planetary Mixing Machine

KPX-50L Planetary Mixing Machine

n the process of    lifting, the mixing dispersion part can not be run. I

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KPX-50L Planetary Mixing Machine

KPX-50 Planetary Mixing Machine for  Cosmetics

1. Technical Parameter

1-1 Name and Model

KPX-50L Planetary Mixer


A  Electrical Motor lifting; B.Double mixing+dispersion+scraper

1-3 Mixing Tank

A、Size: Dia. 450mm×400mm; B、Design    capacity: 63L

A、Inner tank SUS316L (contact part with material)
B、treatment: turning+mirror polishing
C、High quality seal ring is used for seal the flange of the tank top
D、2 stabilizer blades as support

Jacket    cooling/heating  

Inlet water connector    G1/2", Jacket is used to cool or heat the material by cooling and    heating water. The electrical heating pipe

1-4 kettle lid

A, Material: SUS304
B、Φ100 hopper for liquid/powder; 1 lamp;two    window (one light window and one sight window), 1 vacuum pressure meter,connecting pipes (vacuum, discharge and spare use)

1-5 Mixing principle

The two toothing scattered disks installed on the high-speed dispersing axes and the    emulsifying head on the high-speed emulsifying shaft are rotary and revolution action. With the low lash design of double-acting paddle impeller,the mixing has no dead corner.

1.mediate action of the low-speed agitator blade
2.up-low left-right circulation action
3.High-speed shearing and cutting of the scattered disk
4.Emulsifying head makes the material homogenizing


ABCD ensures the materials scattered, mixed and homogenized sufficiently


1-6 Mixing motor,    frequency changer, reduction gear

Motor power:4Kw/4P;C、variable-frequence governor:4KW D、worm and gear reduction gear RV110,  Reduction rate I=40.26, Service factor fa=1.55。

1-6-2a Planetary    revolution speed

Speed: 0~37 rpm,    adjustable

1-6-2b Scraper blade

Material: SUS304 and Teflon; the same speed as revolution action

1-7-1 Mixing    axis/mixing propeller speed

0~65rpm, adjustable

1-7-2mixing propeller    speed

Material: SUS304; QTY: 2 sets

1-7-3Mixing propeller    form

A、normal: vertical frame;B、spiral;C、interlacing

1-8-1Dispersing Motor


1-8-2Dispersing speed    (rotation)

1-8-3 Dispersing axis    and disk

1-9 Lifting

Electrical lifting rate0.37KW; fixed position;safe and steady
Lifting height≤550

1-10 Vacuum system

A, Mixing, dispersing can be performed under vacuum condition Vacuum degree≤-0.09Mpa

B、Vacuum pump  2A-30,0.55kw/4P motor

C、Vacuum buffer tank and switch

D-1、active Sealing: mechanical sealing;D-2 Static seal: O ring

E、Pressure hold-up: 12 hours

1-11 position system

A. Positioning system and locking system; the mixing tank and upper kettle can be positioned precisely    and protected it from rotating
B.The flange of upper kettle bottom is connected to the mixing tank precisely

1-12 Electrical    cabinet

Vacuum system,frequency adjustor,temperature control, light, lifting, operation stop. All    meters and switch are on the electrical cabinet

1-13 Safety operation

A. With special design of the control route, the frequency and limit switch ensures the tank stops  when lifting to setted level

B. In the process of    lifting, the mixing dispersion part can not be run. In the same way, when the    machine is mixing the materials, the tanks can not be lifted and opened.

C. The designed vacuum buffer tank can prevent the vacuum pump oil flowing to the mixing tank

1-14 Temperature    detecting

0-199℃,The temperature detector is on the tank side near bottom,connecting the material directly

1-15 Total power    rate:8.5KW

Power supply: 3 phase; 80V

1-16 Diemension: 1170×700×1750 (mm)

Weight: 680KG


Company Profile

Wuxi Jingpai Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of complete equipment for cosmetics, pharmacy, food and chemicals based in Wuxi, China. We are a high-tech company which is engaged in the design, manufacture, sales, services and marketing promotion of packing and mixing machines globally with 2000M2 modern workshop.
We offer a full range of packing and mixing machines which include emulsifying mixer, homogenizing machine, planetary mixer, tube filling and sealing machine, liquid filling and capping machine, powder filling and capping machine, adhesive filling and capping machine, automatic labeling machine and water treatment equipment. They are widely used in daily chemicals, pharmacy, medicines, adhesives and food industries. Oversea service is provided. All spare or broken parts will be sent by DHL and EMS directly.
With the slogan of Focus, Value, Share, we sincerely welcome all customers to contact and visit us to build long-term business relationship. We are ready to meet any challenges from you!
Wuxi Jingpai Machinery Co., Ltd


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