• Infrared intelligent prepaid water meter

Infrared intelligent prepaid water meter

 t takes Infrared as an information carrier and has Characteristics of very strong
confidentiality and anti- interference.

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Power voltage: DC3.6Vlithium battery
Quiescent current: ≤20uA
Nominal working pressure: ≤1.0MPa
Gauged grade: B
Working life:>8 year
Water medium temperature: 0+45(Cold water); +30+90(hot water)
Indication error limit
a. The low area from minimum flow(Qmin) included to boundary flow(Qt)excluded: ±5%
b The high area from boundary flow(Qt) included to over-carried flow
included(Qs):±2%(cold water)±3%hot water
Relative humidity<85
Standard caliber: DN15; DN20 ;DN25



It takes Infrared as an information carrier and has Characteristics of very strong
confidentiality and anti- interference.
 The data adopts the encrypt calculating way of DES, and each meter has the only
number, in order to correspond one by one.
 It adopts lithium battery power supplies, and can promise to use normally for over
eight years.
 The appropriation dynamoelectric valve promises a dependable switch.
The integral whole type designs, beauty and hard, water tightness, attack dependence and breakage dependences.
The LCD shows appearance of the amount of water, date, time, meter number, mode etc.
 Advanced alarm function: When the customer’s intelligence water has already closed, such as low power, communication abnormality etc. It can provide an alarm hint to the customer with the buzzer, so that the customer handles it as soon as possible, insuring customer to use water normally.
 Close valve function: When the customer didn´t pay water rate in time, operator can turn off the infrared meter’s valve through the handheld unit when meter is under open
meter mode. If meter is under prepay mode, the meter will close valve when it reach alarm
level and when the prepay amount used out. When valve closes, the display shows” ”.
 Low power hint function: When the battery gives or gets an electric shortage, the LCD displays " ", reminding the customer to replace battery.
 The water meter adopts in volatile memory to store data. The data will not lose while power-fail, the data can keep over a decade.
Intelligent self-check function: guarantee working credibility under various interference circumstances.
 The total amount calculating function: The intelligent meter can record the month and history usage of customer, for the purpose of customer’s search.




       ●The choice for the caliber of the water meter should base on the size of piping flow.

●The installation position should avoid insulation, water flood, frost and pollution, be with convenience of assembles and disassembles etc.
●The user should keep water meter clean, and be sure to cover the protection cover while it‘s unused. When it’s with dirt or dust, please clean it with soft cloth (or damp cloth that wringed out).
●The water meter must be installed horizontally and with typeface upward, the piping exit should be above and over the water meter.
●Direction of arrowhead on the watch body is homology to water flow direction.
●The miscellaneous articles or objects, such as freestone, sediment and thread...etc. in the new assembled piping should be cleaned before assembling water meter, in order to prevent water meter from breaking down.
●While installing, a valve should be installed in front of the water meter, in order to cutoff headwaters to mantle or dismantle water meter.
●When the water meter breaks down, please don’t dismantle it and call the technical Personnel of the water enterprise to maintain.

Company Profile

 SHANGHAI FENGYILONG ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. was founded in Pudong, Shanghai in 1995. With 15 years development, Fengyilong becomes a global manufacturer and exporter of energy meter and intelligent water meter. as is a member of China Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation Technology Standardization Committee, FENGYILONG was granded with the title of “China innovative interperise 2010 ”.


Since the foundation, Fengyilong products have been closely associated with high quality technological developments in measurement instrument and AMR system. The energy meter product series includes  active/reactive energy meter,prepaid energy meter, Modbus energy meter,M-bus energy meter, PLC energy meter,multi-tariff energy meter, multi function energy meter.


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