• HTZ Vacuum Drying Oven-Vacuum degree digital display and control

HTZ Vacuum Drying Oven-Vacuum degree digital display and control

Specially suitable for dry heat sensitive / easy oxidation / easy resolve material and fast & efficient drying for complex components objects.

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  1. Vacuum environment greatly reduce the boiling point of liquid which need to evict, so vacuum drying can be easily applied to the thermal sensitive material.
  2. For difficult drying samples such as powder or granulate samples, using vacuum drying method could efficient shorten drying time.
  3. Various complex structure mechanical parts or other porous samples, using vacuum drying method after the parts been cleaning, then there’s no any participation substance on the parts after completely drying.
  4. Operating more safe-under vacuum and sluggishness conditions, completely eliminate any explosion possibilities of oxides meeting thermal explosion.
  5. Compared with common drying which rely on air circulation, Vacuum drying could let the powder samples not be air blowing or moving.


  1. Vacuum degree control—Digital display vacuum gauge automatic control vacuum degree, this control method is more accurate and efficient. Through the panel can easily control the vacuum degree, control the vacuum degree within 1.0×10–1.0×105(Pa)-1 ,and every point or area within this scope, control accuracy is ±1%. Vacuum gauge use resistance silicon pressure sensor which guarantee the stability of the pressure valve and provide more accurate & effective vacuum control.
  2. Heating element is on the oven’s internal shelf, compared with the traditional vacuum drying oven, heating time shorten 50% (except 6050, 6051).
  3. Adapt aluminum shelf with special stamping process, high temperature oxidation resistance and thermal conductivity is fast which could achieve min heat lost.
  4. Cuboid studio which could achieve the max effective volume, microcomputer temperature controller let temp control is accurate and reliable.
  5. Stalinite, bulletproff double layers glass door, which could observe the object in the oven clearly, and could input inert gases to the oven inner.
  6. The oven inner use stainless steel material, the oven is made of high quality cold-roll steel sheet, and surface electrostatic plastic spraying.
  7. Storage、heating、testing and drying all are in no oxygen or filled with inert gases environment, so does not lead to oxidation.
HTZ Vacuum Drying Oven-Vacuum degree digital display and control

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