• HSS Tool steel bar M42 W2Mo9Cr4Vco8 1.3247

HSS Tool steel bar M42 W2Mo9Cr4Vco8 1.3247

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  • Steel Grade: W2Mo9Cr4VCo8
  • Standard: AISI, GB
  • Dimensions: dia 2-200mm
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: DLDT
  • Model Number: dia 2-200
  • Technique: Both hot rolled and cold drawn

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Quick Details


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Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Detail: 45 days


HSS Tool steel bar M42(W2Mo9Cr4VCo8)
1.Formula: W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 include Co
3.Application:cutting tools

Tool steel bar M42(W2Mo9Cr4VCo8)


chemical composition%






















To introduce
M42 (W2Mo9Cr4VCo8) is high cobalt high speed steel toughness of steel, mainly used for precision high toughness wear-resistant metal cold die, also can be used for cutting tools and knife in cooling. Steel, high hardness, can be up to 70 HRC, good red hardness, high temperature and high hardness, grinding easily. Made of the steel cutting tools that can cut iron-based high-temperature alloy, casting high temperature alloy, titanium alloy and super high strength steel, etc., but the toughness is a bit poor, quenching temperature should be adopted when the lower limit. Due to grinding can be good, so can be used to manufacture all kinds of high precision complex cutting tool.
W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 steel code M42. Cobalt is the brand of superhard high speed tool steel, M42 mass fraction of vanadium in steel is not high (1%), high quality, and the volume fraction of cobalt (8%), cobalt can make carbide during quenching heating more dissolved in the matrix, using the high matrix hardness increase abrasion resistance. The hardness of the steel column, hot hardness, wear-resisting and grinding is very good. Heat treatment can reach 67-67 HRC hardness, but also has a special heat treatment, hardness of 67-68 HRC, make its cutting performance (especially the intermittent cutting) improve, improve the impact toughness. The steel can be made into all kinds of knives, cutting difficult-to-machine materials when the effect is very good, and because of its good grinding performance. This can make the complex cutting tool, but the lack of cobalt, cobalt high speed steel is expensive, at about five to eight times that of the common high speed steel.
Domestic cobalt high speed steel used in quenching tempering hardness, red hardness, had certain improvement in such aspects as performance, close to or reached the level of imported steel. After quenching and tempering hardness HRC 67 or higher, the uniformity + 0.5% or less. Product specifications: phi is 10 to 150 mm, hot rolling, forging round steel, rectangular, square steel, forgings, etc. According to standard GB/T 9943-9943 or user requirements production.
Super-hard steel is in order to adapt to processing hard cutting material, such as heat resistant alloy, in the synthesis of high carbon high vanadium high speed steel and high carbon, high cobalt high speed steel based on the advantage of developed. In commonly used hardness HRC 64 or higher. The process performance of the steel is better than M2Al steel, hot and cold processing performance is good; Hardness is the same as M35 steel after quenching and tempering, for HRC (66 + 1).
M42 powder high speed steel, the organization is more refined, more excellent performance, price is relatively higher.
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Application features
Is suitable for manufacturing various strong cutting tool abrasion resistance, impact resistance. Advanced punching die, screw die, the toughness and complicated shape of the punch, etc. Knife industry: scraper, hob cutter, iron knives, drill bits, etc.
Forging industry: forging die.
Screw industry: such as heading forming mould, tooth, the punch.
High red hardness, high wear resistance and cutting ability, high impact toughness. Uniform grain size and detailed, high toughness. Fine carbide particles, high hardness, good abrasion resistance
Heat treatment
Fire: isothermal annealing temperature is 800 ~ 880 °C, with 10 ~ 20 °C, the dHr furnace cooling to about 600 °C, hardness above HB269.
Preheat temperature: 730-730 °C
Quenching temperature: 1190-1210 °C
Tempering temperature: 540-595 °C
Cold drawn, hardness 285 HBS,
Cold drawn after annealing condition, hardness 277 HBS
Quenching methods: oil quenching, air cooling or salt bath quenching
Related information
High speed steel is generally not doing tensile strength test, and give priority to with metallography, hardness test. Tungsten and molybdenum HSS after proper heat treatment, rockwell hardness can reach more than 63, department of cobalt high speed steel in more than 65. Steel pickling macrostructure shrinkage cavity, skull patch should be visible to the naked eye. Center loose, general osteoporosis should be less than 1. Metallographic examination content mainly includes the decarburization layer, microstructure and carbides uneven degree of three projects. High speed steel should not have obvious decarburization. Microstructure herringbone eutectic ledeburite may not exist. Carbide in high speed steel is not uniformity had the greatest influence on quality, the metallurgical and mechanical department of carbide heterogeneous degree level seriously. According to different purposes of carbide steel uneven degree of different level request, normally should be less than 3. Made of high speed steel cutting tools, in addition to because of its high hardness, high wear resistance and toughness enough, there is another important factor is a red hardness. Red hardness refers to the cutting tool in high speed cutting, the blade in the red state's ability to fight softening. A method of measuring red hardness is the first steel heating to 580 ~ 650 °C, the heat preservation for 1 hour, and then cooling, such repeated four times after measuring its hardness value. High speed steel quenching temperature is close to the melting point of steel, such as tungsten series high speed steel is 1210 ~ 1240 °C, the high molybdenum HSS is 1180 ~ 1210 °C. Usually required after quenching tempering three times between 540 ~ 560 °C. Improve quenching temperature can increase the red hardness of steel. In order to improve the service life of HSS cutting tools, for the surface strengthening processing, such as low cyanide, nitrogen, sulfur and nitrogen altogether permeability, etc.
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Application for
1) suitable for making various strong cutting tool abrasion resistance, impact resistance, o
2) used to produce all kinds of high hard and super hard saw blade, drill, tap, broach, gear hob and various kinds of milling cutter.
3) used for advanced punching die, screw die, and the toughness and complicated shape of the punch, etc.
4) is used for cold forging die and drawing mode, etc.
5) recommended watchcase factory, screw factory and other cold stamping products industry use.

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Dalian Jingtai Industry Trade Co., Ltd.
Dalian JingTai industry trade co., ltd is specialized in high speed steel, high temperature alloy, special steel products and other same kind of steels. It registered in 2002 and owns importing and exporting rights, which engages in international trade. The company has passed ISO9002 quality management system certificate. our main products are: high speed steel, high temperature alloys, carbide alloy, corrosion resistant alloy, heat-resistant ...


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