• Glass Bottle Alcohol Filling Machine for Wine Whisky Beer,Wine,Vodka

Glass Bottle Alcohol Filling Machine for Wine Whisky Beer,Wine,Vodka

 1.Glass Bottle Or PET Bottle 
2.Automatic Rotary Filling 
3.Washer,Filler and Capper 3in1 Unit 
4.CE ,SGS,ISO Certificate 

Product Details

Quick Details Parameter

Rated output: : 3000-3500bph(0.5L)
Washing heads: : 12
Washing time: : 2-2.5s
Filling valve heads: : 12
Filling valve speed: : 140-150ml/s
Capping heads: : 6
Filling temperature: : 0-4°C
Suitable bottle type: : D=50-100mm, H=150-320mm
Capping torque: : 0.6-2.8Nm (adjustable)
Installed capacity: : 3.37KW
Compressed air consumption: : 0.25Nm3/min (when 0.6MPa)
Water consumption: : about 2m3/h for washing (0.2-0.25Mpa)
Overall dimension: : 2500x2000×2700mm
Weight: : 2.2T


beer filling



Technical parameters


Rated output:                                            3000-3500bph(0.5L)


 Washing heads:                                            12


Washing time:                                              2-2.5s


Filling valve heads:                                        12


 Filling valve speed:                                  140-150ml/s


Capping heads:                                              6


Filling temperature:                                       0-4°C


Suitable bottle type:                      D=50-100mm, H=150-320mm


Capping torque:                                   0.6-2.8Nm (adjustable)


 Installed capacity:                                    3.37KW


Compressed air consumption:          0.25Nm3/min (when 0.6MPa)


Water consumption:                     about 2m3/h for washing (0.2-0.25Mpa)


 Overall dimension:                           2500x2000×2700mm

  Weight:                                                             2.2T



It is composed of bottle washing, filling and capping. It absorbs the foreign advanced technology as foundation. According to our country's beverage filling craft requirements of wine, pure water, mineral water, etc. To design and create itself with study to form one kind of national advanced level bottled production line. Mainly used in glass bottle filling production, adopting block bottle neck technology, suit for different bottles just in one machine. 


Washing Part

1  Rotary rinser: applicable for wine, beverage and water cleaning.

2  The new bottle is transported through the separation screw and starwheel by the clamp and turn over device; bottle neck is held upwords, after aseptic water rinsing, the bottle neck goes up and transported to another process.

3   The rinsing contact part and out cover adopt the stainless steel material

4  Open design gear driving

5 The bottle in place is equipped with pneumatic part, controlling the bottle, avoiding the falling down bottle come to the main machine

6  Water pipe of rinser is equipped with pressure gauge and pressure maintaining valve

7  Manually adjust the elevation for different height bottle

8 Water collecting tray: recycle the rinsing water

9 Rising volume for each bottle: 105ml/s(0.25MPa)

10  If no bottle or stop, rinsing stops; while it comes to bottle, it runs again.


Filling  Part

Adopt the German technology, achieve to fill the cleaned bottle

l   Adopt the guiding pole with cover function ;bottle held elevation desgin , ensures the complete seal between bottle neck and filling valve ,avoids the leakage.


l   Equip with the anti break device ;bottle break cleaning ,avoiding the next botte .


l   Equip with complete CIP cleaning function


l   According to different height , it achieves elevation automaticlly and equips with the high& low level safety protection .


l   Main drive adopt the gear drive with open design :high effeciency ,low nocie ,long life ,easy matainance ,full lubrication .


l   Adopts the stepless frequence inverter to control main motor rotation


l   Bottle guding system ,simple structure ,which can change the bottle size more easily .


l   Adopts the bottle held structure


l   PLC control , the default can be listed as block ,cap shortage and etc.


l   Filling machine: Adopt supporting structure of the bearings, simple and reliable structure, easy maintenance, smooth operation.


l   Filling pressure filling a unique filling valve structure makes stable liquid shunt, to avoid foaming with the level correction.


l   On the orientation of the guide rod, the pre-mask function; bottle bottom hold structure enhanc accurate sealing of the mouth and the filling valve, reducing the material leaks from the bottle.


l   Equip with the level sensor to ensure the filling stablity .


l   The key part and electril component adopt imported products.



Capping Part


1   Cappig part :sorted cap is capped on the filled bottle ,and then transported to the next step.


2 Capper rotates through the speed reducer machine .The cap leaves the hopper under the centrifugal function .The exit is equipped with the cap reverce dvice ,when the reverce cap comes ,it is changed to the right direction ;the cap quantity is controlled by the photoelectric switch ,ensures the caping falling effect.


3  If the container has the cap ,the second cap cannot go in ,which utilizes the cap .


4  And it is equipped with photo eletric swith on the slding trail ,when it tests that there is no cap ,it stops automatically


5  Capper is equipped with compensation function, reducing the bottle break rate.


6 If there is only one standard crown cap in different size bottle, the capping mold doesn’t need to be changed.


7  According to different height bottle shape, the capper can be adjusted automatically. 


Company Profile

We are located in Kyushu, one of the ancient inland peninsula Huadu Qingzhou. Is a leading liquid packaging systems and drinking water engineering solutions provider, is set product development and design, equipment production and sales, engineering support and installation, technical consultation and services as one of the environmentally friendly high-tech professions manufacturers. 
   Market competition, competition for resources has experienced, quality competition and price competition, it is now the world economy has entered a value-oriented customer service-based economy era. Service competitiveness in national, regional, industry, enterprises decide the outcome of the key. In all aspects of business operations strictly follow the ISO9001 quality standard system, to provide users with a range of high quality products and comprehensive and timely service.
  Accumulated through years of customer and market research, Dongyi machinery to their own production, the study defined as: fully consider the actual needs of customers, and truly tailored to customers the appropriate packaging equipment. The company has brought together a large number of long-term study in liquid packaging technology, and automation, software development, engineering applications of senior professionals that can really provide for our clients and colleagues more segments, more professional comprehensive services. 


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