• Egg Roller Machine

Egg Roller Machine

Assembled Direct Combustion Style Egg Roller Equipment is a new type of foodstuff processing machine. It is applicable to production of egg rollers with different specifications.

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Quick Details Parameter

Rate of Production : 100 ~ 220 units per minute (equivalent to 900 ~ 1300 Kg)
Electric Power Consumption : 7.5Kw
Compressed Air : 0.3m3 per minute
Fuel Consumption : Approximate 90~ 120Kg per ton of egg roller
Land Occupancy : 24m2
Total Weight : Approximate 4.5 tons


Assembled Direct Combustion Style Egg Roller Equipment is a new type of foodstuff processing machine. It is applicable to production of egg rollers with different specifications. The equipment is made up of pastry grinder, filling machine, roaster, cooling conveyer, electrical control system and so on. User should be equipped with one air compressor with air supply rate of 0.3m3 per minute and pressure of 0.7Mpa. It takes liquefied gas or natural gas as fuel to heat and roast foodstuff and is characterized by environment protection, energy preserving, small amount of noise, free of environment pollution, high quality ingredients in accordance with sanitary criterion, and high degree of automation. The whole set of equipment is operated by only 2 persons.
Technical Parameter
Rate of Production:
100 ~ 220 units per minute (equivalent to 900 ~ 1300 Kg)
Electric Power Consumption:
Compressed Air
0.3m3 per minute
Fuel Consumption:
Approximate 90~ 120Kg per ton of egg roller
Land Occupancy:
Total Weight:
Approximate 4.5 tons
Working Principle of Unit Machines and Explanation to Structure
Pastry Grinder
The machine is made up of main parts such pastry grinding barrel, worm wheel, motor, gear pump and electrical control box, etc. It is used to mix concocted flour, sugar powdery and other ingredients into pastry, then convey the pastry to roaster and roaster it into cover of egg roller.
Working Principle:
Pour water, flour, sugar powdery and other ingredients into pastry barrel according to technical condition. Set needed pastry grinding time, then press down start button to power on. Once the set time is reached, the power supply is off and motor stops.
The machine is made up of roasting part, roasting wheel, combustion system, pastry spreading and shaping, cutter, pneumatic system and electrical control system, etc. it plays the role of inputting grinded pastry into roaster, roast it into cover of egg roller and then roll it into products.
Working Principle:
Roster rotates in uniform speed. Grinded flour pastry is spread over arc pastry plate evenly and automatically by pastry supply pump (gear pump) and enters into roaster to be roasted in rotation. Flux of pastry can be adjusted manually without grade. After cover of egg roller is made, it will be outputted out of the thermal preserving roaster. It is processed by small scraper and passes through counterpoising bar and then enters into shaper where it is rolled into egg roller. The egg roller will be further cut into products according to required length by cutter. Length of product is adjusted by position of photoelectric switch. In this time, the product falls into cooling conveyer. When the product is to be filled, filling machine should be started.
Working Procedures:
a.        Starting of machine
Check whether emergency switch has been reset.
Turn on air switch.
Observe abnormal warning in panel of instrument.
b.        Heating of roasting wheel
Start and rotate big wheel, and the synchronous potentiometer should be in full range (rotate clockwise). Speed of big wheel is controlled by its potentiometer. Adjust speed to required value gradually in increasing way.
Preset valve (SV) of temperature control instrument.
Start fan.
Start air valve (electromagnetic valve).
Open ignition switch of base fire. Ignition has been done successfully, combustion is in normal condition and indicating light is on.
Observe actual referential temperature PV in roaster, the value ought to rise in this time.
When PV reaches SV,temperature control instrument controls operation of executor in air pipe. Executor drives oxidation device to temperature preserving condition. (Intensity of fire in temperature preserving condition should be derived from manual operation and then system is converted into automatic control after trial production data is obtained).
When temperature of roasting wheel reaches required level, open ignition switch of surface fire. If ignition has been done successfully, combustion is in normal condition and indicating light is on, pastry spreading and roasting can be done.
c.  Pastry Spreading and Shaping
   Start pastry input pump A and B, adjust speed of motors and keep supply of pastry in control so that the thickness of cover meets requirement and is consistent.
   Start shapers A1 and A2, B1 and B2 and keep them in coordinated operation according to regulated and steady parameters Hz and parameter of big wheel Hz.
   Readjust potentiometers of A1 and A2, B1 and B2, regulate shaping angle and quantity of layers of egg roller, adjust counterpoise pole and keep shaping and rolling steady.
   Open pneumatic control valve for cutting, preset length of products by calibrating position of photoelectric switch.
d.  Supply of Filler
   Start motor of mixer.
   Switch on temperature preserving. Adjust voltage to raise temperature to required level by cream.
Filling Machine
The machine is made up of main parts such as barrel of ingredient, mixing motor, thick paste pump, etc. It is used to fill concocted cream ingredients or chocolate paste into inner wall or inner holes of egg roller through hollow axle of shaper.
Working Procedures:
Pour concocted filler into barrel of ingredients according to process requirement. Start motor to stir and turn cream and feed thick paste pump. Thick paste pump inject paste evenly into egg roller through rotator. Amount of filler into egg roller is regulated manually through non-graded speed regulator.
Cooling Conveyer
The machine is made up of main parts such as frame, conveying belt, motor and ingredient hopper, etc. It is used to receive rolled and cut egg rollers and cool them down for packing.
Working Principle:
Egg roller falls into ingredient hopper along slide-way after being cut. Cooled and arrayed through conveying belt. The conveying speed is adjustable.

Company Profile

Shanghai Huashan Food Machinery Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of biscuit production line ,baking oven ,puffing machinary,deep frying fryer, chocolate spreading production line and so as the food processing machineay , which was engaged in the import and the production of machinery, installation and testing of the production lines and supporting professional services companies also. China, the most influential American Nabisco Food Company in Suzhou, Sino-French joint venture on Haida Biscuits Hangzhou jointly owned biscuits and the British

Food Company Limited equipment installation projects I both companies undertaking.

1992, since the company was established, we invested an amount of money and energies into the study and research of food machinary field, and accumulated a wealth of experience and trained a sophisticated technology. tough style of the technical services team. The completion of the project, regardless of biscuit production lines, raw material handling system, or Granville of biscuit production line. Drink the installation and testing of mechanical and foreign experts have repeatedly been unanimously praised their domestic counterparts. 80% of our equipments had been exported to Germany, France, America, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam and all over the world, in the North America, Western Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries,our euqipments occupied a great deal of market share.

Recently, in ordre to meet the needs of energy-saving, high-performance, environmental protection, our company has increased investment in research and development, we launched a series of new food machinery on the basis of upgrading and developed our original maturity equipments, regardless of the entire route or single, which have a strong practical and technical nature.beside, with an open mind to learn, stricting internal management,enhancing the abilties of model experiment and test, physics and chemistry departments analysis, strengthing the company software and hardware facilities, in 2002, our company was rated "high-tech& advanced enterprises in Shanghai."

The company not only pleasing in appearance quantity of the products are very reliable. Design is participating in the production of technical staff have many years of practice. Foreign companies are required to undertake the design and manufacture of special projects complementary services and joint development with the nature of the products cooperation. Whether you are big or small companies, we were the criteria for quality of service; Whether large or small projects, We are satisfied with the after-sales service in order to protect you, and we look forward to better serving you as your best business partner.


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