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Drum Strainer

Drum Strainer is important water treatment equipment for supply systems such as nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, chemical plants, urban water, and environment protection sewage treatment plants.

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Drum Strainer is important water treatment equipment for supply systems such as nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, chemical plants, urban water, and environment protection sewage treatment plants. The operating process is to get the floating material and suspended material which are bigger than mesh from water with net and dirt fetching bucket, wash the dirt to sewage collection pit with automatic washing device, so as to prevent grid and mesh from dirt jam, and keep grid in normal operation and clean status.
The protections of dram strainer include sacrificial anode protection and impressed current catholic protection. The two different methods can be applied according to specific circumstance.

Product Characteristics:

1. Good decontamination effect, good tightness, and high cleanliness

2. Have larger hydraulic pressure compared with plate and frame filter of the same size

3. Less wearing part, convenient maintenance, and low cost.

4. Long life time.

Specifications of Drum Strainer

Company Profile

Shenyang Electric Power Machinery General Factory, established in 1956, is a professional manufacturer of auxiliary equipment for national power plants, which are subordinate to Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd., the State Grid Corporation of China. Through over 50 years of development, it has grown to be a key enterprise specializing in the design and production of water treatment systems of national thermal power stations, and water filtering and cathodic protection systems of nuclear power plants. It is one of the major auxiliary equipment manufacturers recommended by the Electric Power Planning & Designing Institute of the State Electric Corporation and China Power Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. It is also the manufacturer which owns “Localization Capacity of Manufacturing Rotating Drum Screen and Grill Cleaning Machine of 1000MW Nuclear Power Station” with assessment and approval of China International Engineering Consulting Company.
  The plant is located in Zhaogong North Street, Tiexi District, Shenyang. It owns fixed assets of RMB 200 million, and comprehensive capabilities of electric control, structure processing, mainframe processing, and machine manufacturing. Meanwhile, it has complete and advanced computer auxiliary design systems, computation technology, physical and chemical detecting equipment, NDE technology, and product testing and detecting measures. Its annual output value achieves RMB 1 billion.
  The plant owns 600 employees including 110 senior and middle-level technicians of various fields. They have strong technical strength and a high capability of researching, designing, and manufacturing auxiliary boiler and water treatment equipment of coal unloading, coal supply, screening, crushing, powder feeding, powder supply, and ash removal of different sizes of generator groups (including generator group with a capacity of more than 600MW). The leading products such as drum strainers, grill cleaning machines, rotating meshes, ring hammers coal crushers, impeller coal feeders, impeller powder feeders, ring coal feeders, and electronic weighing type coal feeders have achieved international advanced level. The market share accounts for over 70%. Nine products are awarded national, ministry and provincial high-quality products for many times. Ring hammer coal crusher is awarded one of “National Top 100 Satisfactory Products”, and “Liaoning Satisfactory Products”. The products are sold well in 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions of China. Some products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, North Korea and Hong Kong, etc.
  Since the 1960s, the plant began to design and manufacture various kinds of water treatment equipment, and has accumulated abundant experience of design, manufacture and construction. It formulated the Industry Standard of DL/T458-1999 Plate and Frame Type Rotating Mesh. It successively manufactures more than 500 water treatment equipment for domestic and international enterprises. The products are used by domestic electric power plants, petrochemical plants and water treatment factories, and are exported to over ten countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and North Korea. Its products such as drum strainers and grill cleaning machines, produced for the Phase II Project of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, one of the national key projects, drum strainers produced for Zhuhai Power Plant and the Phase II Expansion Project of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Mobile Cleaning Machines produced for Pakistan Chashma Nuclear Power Station, and Chain Scraper Bucket Cleaning Machines produced for Hong Kong Hengzhou Pumping Station, as well as rotary sieve reforming for Bangladesh Khulna Power Station, have reached international advanced level in the aspects of product design and manufacture technology.
  Since 2005, the plant has successively signed cooperation agreements with China National Nuclear Corporation for Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Expansion Project (Phrase II), and China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. for Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Expansion Project, as well as Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant for PWR Nuclear Power Project. The plant successfully won the bidding of Water Filtration and Cathodic Protection System Project of Guangdong Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in two new EPR Projects which are co-constructed by EDF, AREVA and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group. The plant successfully signed a contract with China Power Investment Corporation for providing water filtering equipment for the Third Generation Nuclear Power Autonomy Supporting Projects of Shandong Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant (AP1000).
  The plant was awarded “National Second-class Enterprise”, “Excellent Unit of Electric Power Science & Technology Advancement of the Ministry of Energy”, “Excellent Unit of Business Management of National Electric System”, “Liaoning Advanced Enterprise”, “Shenyang Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Unit”, and Shenyang “AAA-level Credit Unit”, etc. In 2006, it was awarded “Advanced & Civilized Unit” by Shenyang People’s Government. It has been 15 years since the quality management system of the plant passed certification and started operation in 1996. The system was established in accordance with ISO9001 Quality Management System. During this period, the plant has passed four certifications and revaluations, ten supervisions and verifications, and obtained high appraisal of certification companies in external quality system audits.
  At the beginning of 1996, the plant signed a Contract of Drum Filtering Screen of Qinshan Nuclear Power Project (Phase II) with Nuclear Power Qinshan Joint Venture, and established quality assurance system of nuclear power projects. The plant has signed contracts of Qinshan Nuclear Power Expansion Project (Phase II), Ling’ao Nuclear Power Project (Phase II), the Phase I Project of Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant, and the Phase I Project of Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Plant since 2005. The plant formulates quality assurance system in line with quality assurance requirements for nuclear power, and adheres to the nuclear power concept of “Rule-based, Responsible, Supervisory, Well-documented”. The plant ensures the effective operation of ISO9001 Quality Management System in project implementation, and makes the operation become main practice of quality management. At present, the plant owns a quality management system team which is composed of 2 national registered auditors, 20 internal auditors, 16 quality inspectors, 1 quality engineer (supervising engineer and equipment supervisor), and 8 non- destructive testing personnel (with certificates of UT Grade III, MT Grade II, PT Grade II, Mechanical Property Grade II, Hydraulic Metal Structure Anti-corrosion, and welding, etc.).
Since March 2008, the plant has successively passed:
  1) The quality assurance audit for LOT7 Project of Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. and the LOT7B Item of Ling&rsquo;ao Nuclear Power Project (Phase II), undertaken by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd.<br />
  (2) The quality assurance audit for Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Extension Project (Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Project and the Phase I Project of Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, undertaken by China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd.
  (3) The quality assurance audit for the Phase I Project of Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant of Quality Assurance Office of Hainan Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.&nbsp;&nbsp;
  (4) The quality assurance audit for the Phase I Project of Shandong Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant, undertaken by CPCEC.
  In August 2009, entrusted by the proprietor of WPCL Project, Wang Qingchi (authorized inspector of ASME, and regional manager of pressure equipment of North China) of Lloyd&rsquo;s Register Industrial Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. made assessment for quality management system, and process of manufacture and quality control. The comprehensive mark is 91 according to the certification evaluation software of Lloyd&rsquo;s Register. The plant became a qualified supplier of PWCL6*600MW Subcritical Coal-fired Power Stations Project of India, laying a solid foundation for the products to expand market shares in international markets.
  The plant will continue to focus on independent development. By absorbing and digesting foreign advanced technology, the plant develops eco-friendly and energy-efficient high-tech auxiliary products with 1000MW supercritical and ultra-supercritical power units. The company will create core brands of water filtration and cathodic protection system of power stations with independent intellectual property rights, and make incessant efforts for promoting localization of major equipment of


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