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Drain Cover

Category of Drain Covers
We can provide customers with the following types of drain cover for different occasions.

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Category of Drain Covers
We can provide customers with the following types of drain cover for different occasions.
1.GT drain cover (common drain cover):
GT drain cover (common drain cover)
It is usually used as drain cover on the two sides of roadway, and is divided into lateral drain cover and traverse drain cover. If load flat steel is perpendicular to the direction of traffic, it is lateral drain cover. If load flat steel is parallel with the direction of traffic, it is traverse drain cover. GT drain cover is simple and elegant in structure, and is easy to install. The model notation of common drain cover can be based on the model of steel grating product.
2.GU drain cover
2.GU drain cover
The model notation of GU drain cover
GU: Drain cover for U-type drain
300: Horizontal clearance of drain (mm) 35:Height of cover (mm)
It is suitable for most common concrete drains without edge. It is very easy and practical to use U-type drain cover, no special requirements on the edge of drain.
If the load is T6-14, it is advised that angle steel be buried in the edge of drain, and to use precast U-type drain block to build the drain to prevent sewage sinking into the earth. When it will be run over by vehicle, this U-type drain cover is only suitable for lateral drain.
3.GM drain cover
3.GM drain cover
The model notation of GM drain cover:
GM: Drain cover for M-type well
35: Well size 300mm*500mm 40: Height of cover 40mm
This product is suitable for water supply and drainage well including gully trap, dust well, and sewage well, air passage, and manhole of municipal facilities such as road, park, etc. It is usually designed to be turnable and the turnable opening angle is 110°. Drain cover with hinge can prevent theft and simplify the process. Besides, we can provide drain cover of different models and specifications according to customer demands.
Features of drain cover:
1.Fine appearance: simple lines and silver appearance make it feel modern and fashionable.
2.Best drainage: the water leakage area is 83.3%, which is more than 2 times of casting.
3.Hot zinc dipping: good antirust performance, free of maintenance and replacement.
4.Anti-theft design: As the cover is connected with the frame with hinge, it is anti-theft, safe and easy to open.
5.Cost saving: When there is large span and heavy load, the cost is lower than casting, and the cost caused by stealing or replacement of damage will be saved.
6.High strength: It has higher strength and tenacity than casting, and can be used in environment of large span and heavy load, such as harbor, airport, etc.
7.Various specifications: It can meet requirement of different environment, load, span, dimension and shape.

This product has advantages that casting doesn’t have, including simple installation, light weight, high load, impact resistance, high tenacity, and big drainage. And it is good looking, durable in use, anti-corrosive after hot zinc dipping. With connections by hinge or hook, it is easy to open and anti-theft.

1,What standard can DLYT grating meet?
DLYT can fabricate steel grating accoding to the standards in different counties, such as China: YB/T4001.1-2007, USA: ANSI/NAAMM(MBG531), UK: BS4592 and so on.

2,What specification of the steel grating can DLYT fabricate ?
DLYT can fabricate any specification of steel grating available, both in inch description and metric description.

3,What are the most commonly stocked panel size?
The most common standard panel sizes are 3'x24,' 3'x20', 1000x6000mm,1000x5800mm etc.

4,What are the most commonly stocked bar sizes(height and thickness)?
The most common bars are 1"x1/8", 1"x3/16", 25x3, 30x3, 32x3, 25x5, 32x5, 35x5, 38x5 etc.

5,Is a deflection chart or load table available for bar grating?
You can learn it at our catalog.

6,Whatis the difference between serrated and non-serrated bar grating?
Serration is done for slip resistance. It is grating which has the top surfaces of the bearing bars notched.

7,What finishes are offered on bar grating?
Bar grating comes in untreated, painted, hot dip galvanized.

Does DLYT do OEM?

Company Profile

Established in 2012, our company is a manufacturer and trader specialized in the research, development and production of steel grating. We are located in Dalian and Gansu with convenient transportation access.

All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of markets around the world.

Our company offers engineering service in support of product range, including the design and installation of the most economically appropriate system for a particular application, together with the provision of detailed drawings if required.

We are committed to enhancing customers' services through product quality and delivery. Creating a famous brand and pursuing excellence is our goal. We have got the ISO9001 Quality System Certificate and will always stick to the guideline of "keep improvement, constant innovation, quality first and users uppermost".

We sincerely hope to establish extensive cooperation relationships with friends at home and abroad for mutual benefit and joint development.
Dalian Yitong Trading Co. , ltd. Dalian Yitong Trading Co. , ltd.


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