• Digital vacuum suppressor

Digital vacuum suppressor

Model: YZGK
MOQ: 100

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1, since the balanced steady flow compensator for whole sealing state at work, the tank is equipped with air chamber, the compressed volume self balancing compensation function, energy storage used to compensate the municipal tap water pipe network in peak time instant water shortage, water play a role to protect the safety of tap water pipe network of water supply.

2, 2 this product is used for network overlying water supply, variable frequency pumps and pipe fittings of no negative pressure water supply equipment, suitable for water supply conditions of the municipal pipe network pressure is greater than 1.5 Mpa

3, inner chamber for L gasbag of tank, gas in web design, prefi lled air or nitrogen 0.02 0.05 Mpa, bilge full in the tank, because water isolation, completely solve the problem of water soluble gas and pollution.

4, there is no balance gas nozzle digital vacuum suppressor. Used to pre aeration preloading value adjustment.

5, the working principle of preloading gas expansion, for the tank pressure value of the displacement, pressure when the tank pressure is greater than the gas pressure value, the air is compressed, the stored energy, when municipal pipeline instantaneous flow rate is insufficient, the compressed air will instantly, compensation amount of imbalance, when the water pressure is lower than the minimum pressure setting oil-gas chamber and close to release energy and pump automatic shutdown protection.

6, the product technology content high, digital display, set arbitrary parameters: beautiful appearance, breaking the traditional design, easy observation and operation.


Company Profile

Jinzhou Laozha No Negative Pressure Water Supply Accessories Factory is no negative pressure water supply equipment and related accessories professional research and development, manufacturing factories, with multiple patents and technological innovation.

Main products: no negative pressure water supply complete sets of equipment, ultrafiltration tank by vacuum suppressor, negative pressure eliminator, digital vacuum suppressor, open cans, steady flow compensation chamber more steady flow compensation tank, the airtight storage type steady flow compensation pot, box without negative pressure jet device, can use the type water level switch, can use side water level switch, etc. Series of products.

Design concept of innovation is the biggest weapon of innovators, we rely on its own technological resources and natural product patent technology, constantly strive to perfect, breakthrough technology bottlenecks, continue to provide customers with high quality products and perfect service, sincerely hope the new and old customers to cooperate and seek common development.

Jinzhou Laozha No Negative Pressure Water Supply Accessories Factory


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