• DSH Thick 800A Plating Thickness Tester

DSH Thick 800A Plating Thickness Tester

DSH Thick800A incorporates Dshing’s many years in plating thickness measurement with full-auto software operation, 
multi-point testing, software controlling the instrument and movable platform. It is a powerful instrument equipped with 
special software and widely applied in plating industries.

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I. Instrument introduction
DSH Thick800A incorporates Dshing’s many years in plating thickness measurement with full-auto software operation, 
multi-point testing, software controlling the instrument and movable platform. It is a powerful instrument equipped with 
special software and widely applied in plating industries.
II. Performance characteristics
1. Top-lightening 
2. Test parts can be lifted up and down
3. High-precision moveable platform
4. Small collimator
5. High-resolution detector
6. Visual operation
7. Auto locate height
8. Auto search spot
9. Mouse locates the test point
10. Well ray shielding
11. Super large chamber design
12. Safe protection of test interface
III. Technical specifications
1. Analytical range: from S to U
2. Simultaneous analysis of at most 24 elements or coating of above 5 layers
3. Detection limit: 2ppm, analytical content: 2ppm to 99.9%
4. Coating thickness: 0.005um minimum, within 20um (it depends on different materials)
5. Micro collimator (minimum diameter: 0.1mm), test spot (within 0.2mm)
6. High-precision movable platform (position accuracy: below 0.005mm)
7. Arbitrary multiple optional analysis and identification models
8. Independent matrix effect correction models
9. Repeatability of multiple analyses reaches 0.05um (outermost layer Au below 1um)
10. Working stability over a long period: 0.1um (outermost layer Au below 1um)
11. Temperature range: 15℃ to 30℃
12. Power: AC220V±5V, AC purified stabilized voltage power is recommended
13. Size: 576×495×545 mm
14. Weight: 90kg
IV. Standard configurations

1. Open sample chamber 
2. Precise 2-D movable sample platform; the detection system can lift up and down to realize 3-D movement.
3. Double-laser locating device 
4. Organic glass shielding cover 
5. Si-Pin detector 
6. Signal detection circuit
7. High-voltage power
8. X-ray tube
9. Altitude transducer 
10. Protection transducer
V. Application fields
1. Detection for golden, platinum, silver, other precious metals and various jewelries content
2. Detection for plating thickness of metals, content of plating solution and plating
3. Mainly applied in precious metal and jewelry processing industries; bank, jewelry selling and detection institution, 
electroplating industries

DSH Thick 800A Plating Thickness Tester

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Zhuhai Dshing Import & Export Co., Ltd., approved by Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Industrial and Commercial Bureau, is one of the leading manufacturers of geological instruments, petroleum instruments as well as other laboratory instruments.

Since founded in 2010, our company has a group of highly qualified technical personnel specialized in the research and development, with well-trained workers, world-class services and advanced machinery and equipment. Our enterprise absorbs domestically and overseas advanced technologies and excellent management concept, and constantly develops new products and provides thoughtful services for our customers from all over the world.

Our products:
1) Geological instruments: Geoelectric instruments, magnetic detectors, logging instruments, inclinometers, radiometric instruments, water detectors, electric winches, core drilling rigs, etc.
2) Petroleum instruments: Flash point testers, kinematic viscometers, distilation Instruments, solidifying point testers, Engler viscometers, etc.
3) Highway instruments: penetrometers, ductility testers, softening point testers, asphalt wax content testers, wheel tracking testers, etc.
4) Laboratory instruments: calorimeter, water bath, constant temperature oil bath, rotational viscometer

Relying on high quality products, reasonable prices and the best services, these products have been enjoying promising markets, including India, Indonesia, France, Africa and other countries.
Our company always sticks to the principle of "Quality First, Integrity First, Service First". We 100% believe that we would be your partner forever from the moment of establishing business relationships.
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