• DSH AAS6000 Single Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

DSH AAS6000 Single Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

 AAS6000 Series are Single Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrometers controlled and data processed by 
external computer and internal CPU chips. AAS6000 can be used to measure the concentration of macro, 

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 I. Instrument introduction 
1.AAS6000 Series are Single Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrometers controlled and data processed by 
external computer and internal CPU chips. AAS6000 can be used to measure the concentration of macro, 
micro and trace metal elements and half-metal elements in various kinds of substances. 
2. Atomic absorption spectrometry is a technique exploiting the fact that atoms at ground state may absorb 
the radiation of characteristic wavelength. As is known, the atoms are usually at ground state. For each element, 
the amount of energy required for an atom to transit from ground state to excited state is specific, and in general, 
is called characteristic wavelength. The Atomic absorption spectrometry typically makes use of hollow cathode 
lamp as the light source to emit the characteristic wavelength of a particular element. When the light passes through 
the atomic vapor, it is absorbed by the vapor. The concentration of the element can then be determined through 
the calculation of the absorption rate.
3. AAS6000 is provided with three reading methods Continuum, Retention and Peak Height for measuring 
absorbency, density and emission intensity. It has three signal modes: Atomic Absorption, Background Absorption 
and Background Correction Absorption, The reading time ranges from 0.5 s to 99s. AAS6000 include 8 computer 
controllable hollow cathode lamp holders. All working conditions of the instrument such as lamp number, lamp 
current, negative high voltage, working wavelength, slit, burner location, ignition/extinction and adjustment of burning 
ratio can be set by keyboard input. The functions of the instrument include automatic gain/ automatic zero, background 
correction, automatic energy balance, automatic peak location/wavelength scan, and automatic peak location on basis 
of the retrieval of peak values. All the readings, measurement results, calibration curves and operation conditions can 
be saved or printed out.
II. Performance characteristics
1. C2H2 monitoring; flame measurement; all reflective, aberration corrected
2. Fully automated instrument, total automatic operation
3. 8 element lamps, time saved for changing lamps
4. Gas path safety measures, safer operation
5. USB interface allows you to operate the instrument conveniently and rapidly.
6. 230nm grating blazed wavelength, multiplied sensitivity in the Ultraviolet zone
7. 1800g /mm grating grooves, maximized resolution
8. Run in Windows operating system, the powerful software enables automatic qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Automatic report generation in Excel format allows you to operate the instrument and process the data easily. 
You operation doest get any easier with our graphical interfaces.
III. Technical specifications
1. Model: DSH AAS6000
2. Optical system: all-reflective single-beam CT optical path
3. Focal length of monochromator: 350mm, oil/water proof air compressor
4. Blazed wavelength of gratings: 230nm
5. Number of grating grooves: 1800g /mm
6. Wavelength range:  190nm-900nm
7. Wavelength accuracy:   ±0.1nm
8. Wavelength repeatability: ±0.1nm
9. Spectrum bandwidth: 0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 0.7nm, 1.4nm
10. Noise: 0.005 Abs(static); 0.006 Abs(Dynamic)
11. Baseline drift: 0.003 Abs/0.5h; best performance
12. Background correction: D2 lamp + self reversal
13. Number of the lamps: 8
14. Number of preload lamps: software controlled, ≤8
15. Gas path safety measures: yes
16. Atomizer: flame atomizer
17. Automation: lamp / slit / wavelength / gas path / ignition / burner / safety measures / C2H2 monitoring
IV. Standard configurations 
1. AAS6000 mainframe
2. Oil-free air compressor with lower noise
3. Special pressure gauge and peripheral accessories
4. Hollow cathode lamp
5. PC (brand computer, P4, LCD) 1 set
6. Printer (Canon, colorful ink-jet printer) 1 set
7. Wooden case packing and transportation  
V. Application fields
1. Geology, minerals, metallurgy, steel, non-ferrous metals
2. Environmental analyses: air, water quality, soil and solid wastes
3. Petrochemical engineering, crude oil and related products, light industrial products,
4. Food, biomedicine and health products
5. Building materials (glass, ceramic, paints, etc)
6. Steel and non-ferrous metals analysis
7. Soil and solid wastes analysis
8. Biomedicine and health products analysis
9. Food analysis 

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