• Continue Freezer, Cream Freezer, Continuous Freezer

Continue Freezer, Cream Freezer, Continuous Freezer

The feed liquid of ice cream can be pumped into the Freezing cylinder together with a

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150L, 300L to 600L continue ice cream freezer is the ideal equipment for large-scale continous soft ice-cream production. The machine has independent refrigeration syste-m. It adopts imported parts, components, s-elects imported compound freezing medium with advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption . It has special evaporator with fine refrigeration effect, stable product quality. The pneumatic pump for material transport s-elects imported frequency transformator to regulate transporting speed. After regulating proper c-harge an-d disch-arging expansion valve, it can produce high quality soft ice cream continuously. The most common manufacturers of these equipments are APV, CATTA 27, GRAM, HOYER, MARK, SIDAM, TECHNOGEL, TEKNO ICE, TETRAPAK, WCB ICE CREAM.

Certification: CE


1. Higher quality like world top level company in the world.

2. All cylinder, blades, pumps, compressor, an-d structure frame used high quality material, with long working life.

3. Easy operation an-d lower cost maintenance.

Work Principle:

The feed liquid of ice cream can be pumped into the Freezing cylinder together with air through the Mixing pump with air-in regulator valve. It is mixed by the mixing scraper & frozen by the cryogen in the entresol. Ice cream frozen on the wall is removed constantly by stainless steel blade on the mixing scraper. Finally the feed liquid forms well-organized ice cream with right overrun under the pressure of the pump an-d then adjustable constant-pressure valve after it is continuously frozen, scraped an-d mixed with air.
Continue Freezer, Cream Freezer, Continuous Freezer

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  Snowball Machinery is the best and the most comprehensive Chinese industrial ice cream solution provider. We have probably the widest machine range including rotary and linear types. It is possible for our worldwide customers to choose the most suitable machine. Our ice cream equipment starts with raw material storage, continues through Material Pro-mix preparation, to continuous freezing inclusion systems. Our production solutions include stick ice cream machine moulding, ice cream machine filling, tunnel hardening, ice cream machine, cup, cone, log, cake and family pack extrusion, stick product packaging, and the final solution - ice cream cartoner. We strive to be the best Chinese ice cream machine supplier. Our products include Rollo stick (Bar, popsicle or ice-lolly) ice cream machines, continue freezers, ice cream filling machines, extrusion ice cream machines, gelato machines, Callipo filling machines, multi-lane (Multi-Channel) ice cream packing machines, ice cream packing machines, rotary ice cream filling machines, ice cream tunnels, pro-mix ice cream plants, aging vats, homogenizers, plate heat exchangers, ice cream parlors, ice cream showcases, soft ice cream machines, batch freezers, ice cream wrappers, cups, cone sleeves, Callipo tubes, ice cream moulds, industrial ice cream machines, ice cream machinery, ice cream equipment, ice cream plants, ice cream processing machines, ice cream production lines, etc.
Snowball Machinery


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