• Beaker quartz crucible, the quartz mask, the evaporating dish, distillation flask, quartz glass, laboratory equipment

Beaker quartz crucible, the quartz mask, the evaporating dish, distillation flask, quartz glass, laboratory equipment


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Arcuate shape
Material quartz glass
The main purpose of production
Manufacturers Jinzhou Best
Specifications Model 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, 4 #
Quartz crucible


Transparent / opaque quartz crucible


Quartz crucible can be found at 1450 degrees to use, partially transparent and opaque versions. Translucent quartz crucible arc is drawn large diameter legal silicon, an essential foundation for the development of LSI material. Gas refining Legal transparent quartz crucible. Today, the world's semiconductor industry in developed countries has been replaced with this crucible small transparent quartz crucible. He has high purity, temperature resistance, large size, high accuracy, good insulation, energy saving, stable quality and other advantages.


Quartz crucible (Size: 6-14 inches) is now also widely used as a percussion instrument of self-cultivation place of Buddhism, yoga room. Adjustable tone, gold / silver, matte or produced according to customer needs.




1, can not and HF contacts, high temperature, easy action and caustic alkali carbonate and alkali metals.


2, a quartz crucible adapted for use K2S2O7, KHSO4 samples and used as a flux of molten


1, quartz crisp, easy to break, when used to pay attention.


Gas refining quartz glass with a gas flame (gas + oxygen, acetylene + oxygen, liquefied oil + oxygen, hydrogen + oxygen) Melt advanced crystal powder together. Our gas refining transparent quartz glass melt all senior hydroxide flame made crystal powder.


It has excellent thermal properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, widely used in semiconductors - electronics and other engineering and technology industries.

Company Profile

     The factory has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, the detection means complete, advanced production technology, product quality and stability to the production of quartz-based products, but also the production of artificial crystal and so on.   
     All varieties of quartz glass are national and provincial title of quality products. Construction of 40 years to provide a high-tech products for the more than 300 users, but also to the United States, Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong and other international markets. Quality products, good reputation to win the majority of customers praise and trust.
Jinzhou Best Quartz Co.,Ltd.


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