• Baggage Delivering Vehicle

Baggage Delivering Vehicle

baggage delivering vehicle
Self Propelled Conveyer-belt Loader

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      WXQ5030JCS Type Baggage Delivering Vehicle applies Jiangling JX1030 chassis with hydraulic booster steering and nice appearance, which is easy to operate and maintain with high efficiency work, dependable service performance and driving comfortably.
1, Technical Specifications
★Overall dimension
L×W×H mm                                         8200×2100×2100
Complete vehicle kerb mass kg              3150
Load of front axle/rear axle kg                1940 /1210
Wheel base                                         2490
Front (rear) overhang mm                       1340 (1420)
Front (rear) extension mm                 1400(1460)
Track (front/rear) mm                               1395/1375
Approach angle°                                      12
Departure angle                                       14
Max. running speed km/h                        90
Max. climbing ability                                 28%
Braking distance m                             8
Min. turning diameter m                           <10.4
Transmission arm mm L×W                    8000×940
Width of conveyer belt mm                           700
Transmission speed m/s                         0.25 ~0.5
Transmission height mm
                            Front                         1200~4200
                            Rear                         850~1450
Max. angle of transfer°                            ≤30
Max. weight of loading kg/m                   75
Min. ground clearance mm                     175
Working pressure of hydraulic system Mpa            10
Hydraulic tank capacity L                        70
Diesel fuel capacity L                              63
Model:                                                     JX493ZQ5B 
Type: dry chromed cylinder liner with thin wall, four stroke, direct injection type, water cooling, overhead valve.
Bore and stroke mm                                 93×102
Displacement L:                                       2.771
Max. power KW/r/min               85/3600
Max. torque N.m/min                                     285/2000
See the operation manual of engine for details.
Type: mechanical type, the 5th drive is over drive, all drives are synchromesh
Speed ratio
Go ahead:                                ①5.016②2.672③1.585④1.000⑤0.770
Go astern:                                4.783
Type: uniwafer, dry type, diaphragm spring, hydraulic control
Outside diameter of friction wafer mm: φ240
Main deceleration: single stage, hypoid cone gear
Speed ratio:                                         5.571
Differential gear:                                       symmetry bevel gear
Steering device
Type:                                   ZDZ4WX power steering gear of rotary valve
Model:                                                        650-15-10PR
Tyre pressure (front/rear) kgf/cm2:             4/5.5

Company Profile

      Wuxi Ximei Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is a stock-joint enterprise established in 1970. It is a professional manufacturer of ground-based equipments for civil aviation airports. The company covers an area of 15800m2, with the coverage of 8280m2 for workshops and 4650m2 for manufacturing buildings. Now there are 107 staff with five senior engineers, eight engineers, eight technicians, one assistant accountant, three economists, four senior technicians, and nearly forty above-level-four technicians.
      Wuxi Ximei Special Automobile Co., Ltd. Possesses high specialty, advanced test methods and perfect processing equipments with 105 sets for main use at present. The company has successively developed and manufactured more than 20 kinds of    vehicles including plane water cars, sewage vehicles, foodstuff vehicles, snow sweepers, garbage trucks, baggage tractors, baggage transmission vehicles, boarding cars for the disabled, plane tractors, baggage carriages and container carriages etc. The sales volume has reached more than 2300 sets in airlines across China. Wuxi XX Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is also active in exporting the vehicles to international markets such as South Africa, Laos, Iraq, Australia, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia etc. The company has concluded and signed exclusive agency agreement with Russia and has formed bulk exports of series products.
    In 1991, the company passed the identification of Ximei plane water car and plane sewage vehicle. In 1993, Ximei plane foodstuff vehicle passed the identification of National Mechanical & Electrical Industry and CAAC United Organization, filling the civil blank of this product. In 1994, Ximei snow sweeper passed the identification. In 1995, aviation foodstuff vehicle with driver’s cab was put into use, filling the civil blank. In 1996, sewage truck passed the identification, and snow sweeper was exported to Laos in the same year. In 1997, baggage tractor passed the identification. In 1998, heightened snow sweeper passed the identification and foodstuff vehicle was exported to South Africa. During December in the same year, the company passed the ISO9002 product quality certification of Shanghai SACQS and got the certificate. In 1999, the company manufactured foodstuff vehicle for Air Force General Armaments Department, used for carrying food to presidential plane. In the same year, our technicians drew up and formulated the industrial standards of civil aviation for water car, sewage vehicle, and aviation foodstuff vehicle. The technicians also participated in the industrial standards of civil aviation for snow sweeper and baggage transmission vehicles. In 2000, the company customized two snow sweepers for Air Force General Armaments Department, used to receive presidential plane from the central authority. In 2001, 20 sets of water cars and sewage vehicles were exported to Iraq. In the same year, the company developed baggage transmission vehicle and got the certificate. In 2002, the company developed sewage vehicle with small elevator sewage tank, suitable for all kinds of aviation service. In June 2003, the company passed the national CCC certification. During October in the same year, the company passed ISO9001—2000 product quality certification and got the certificate. In September 2004, plane tractor passed the review of CAAC. In March 2005, plane tractor passed the identification of CAAC. In 2010, the company customized two foodstuff vehicles two water cars, and one sewage vehicle for Air Force General Armaments Department, used to receive presidential plane from the central authority. Since 2006, more than 50 sets have been exported to different countries and regions.
   Wuxi Ximei Special Automobile Co., Ltd. Has successively passed level-three-measures work acceptance as well as enterprise management rectify acceptance and got level-three-measures qualification certificate, enterprise management qualification certificate, enterprise level-one credit certificate and AAA credit enterprise certificate. The company also won the title of province-and-city advanced enterprise of science and technology. The products got 11 patents and all of the vehicles got use permits from CAAC. The company drew up the industrial standards for special vehicles in airports including plane foodstuff vehicle, plane water car and plane sewage vehicle and also participated in formulating the standards for mortar-driven snow sweeper and plane
AIRPLANE CARS  Special Automobile WUXI XIMEI Vehicles


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