• Automatic current and voltage test bench

Automatic current and voltage test bench

 The device tests more than one bit transformer device is the company to adapt to the modern transformer check the rapid and accurate development of the characteristics of a new generation of transformer test equipment. 

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  The device tests more than one bit transformer device is the company to adapt to the modern transformer check the rapid and accurate development of the characteristics of a new generation of transformer test equipment. The device consists of HGQA-C transformer calibrator, FY98 load current and voltage transformer box, control cabinet, current transformers, special test bench, and several other components. In maintaining the technical characteristics of the original premise, the rapid measurement of the current transformer quickly locate the test points, and the load box, the transformer turns ratio coverage of various aspects has been greatly improved.


Environmental conditions

Temperature:5°C-40°C              Humidity:Less than80%(25°C) 

Altitude:Less than 2500mm       Power frequency:50Hz±0.5 Hz   

supply voltage:220V±5 V

Measuring range

With the phase component (%): 0.0001~200.0    Rresolution:0.0001

Orthogonal component (sub):0.001~700.0           Resolution:0.001

Impedance (Ω):0.0001~20.0                                 Resolution:0.0001

Admittance (ms):0.0001~20.0                               Resolution:0.0001

Basic errors

With the phase component: X=±(X*2%+Y*2%±2counts)

Orthogonal components: X=±(X*2%+Y*2%±5 counts)

                                      “X”,“Y”--- shows the value of equipment

                                        "5 words" equipment quantization error

Dial indicator:1.0degree

Output current, output voltage:1.0 degree

Scope of work 

Current:(1%-149%)In    (In =5A)   (5%-149%)In   (In =1A)

Voltage:(5%-149%)Un    (Un =100V,150V,100V/ )

             (5%-149%)Un    (Un =100V/3)


Current: TO on the TXLess than 0.12Ω       cosΦ=1

Voltage: a for x Less than 0.25VA       (100V)


670(L)×630(W) ×1570(H)


1  The unit uses high-power programmable technology, comprehensive technical indicators in the country first, so that more accurate positioning of test points, capacity of up to 7KVA;
2  The current transformer installed in more than just measuring the speed has been a qualitative improvement, in 3 minutes to measure any change in the ratio of twelve current transformer;
3  The device configuration of the 1A, 5A of the standard current transformer, the current configuration of the load box 1A, 5A load value 2.5VA-80VA, voltage load box equipped with 100V, 100 / √ 3 load value from 1.25VA-158.75VA meet Various user requirements. Load me in the measurements can be automatically switched.

Company Profile

 Wuhan Han Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the National High-tech Development Zone - East Lake Wuhan New Technology Development Zone, is a new private high-tech enterprises. The company has strong technical force, and has long been working with tertiary institutions, scientific research units, the company focused on the development of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University and other colleges and universities, and other professional institutions to maintain long-term cooperation with the Wuhan Institute of high pressure, the company's product development has laid a solid technical foundation.
"Integrity, innovation, rigorous, service" is the company's operating principles. Company to "people-oriented" management ideas, establish a modern enterprise system in line with the management structure.
The main products of the company include transformer calibration test equipment, measurement and testing equipment, and various power test instruments, substation automation, video surveillance, products widely used in electric power, water conservancy, petroleum, railway, mining, chemical, machinery, banking, mapping, public safety, teaching, electronics, communications and other industries.
The company's products since the date of purchase of the implementation of the "shifting to three months, one year free maintenance, life-long maintenance, users get good service guarantee.


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