• API High Quality drilling tools of Inner Plastic Coating
  • API High Quality drilling tools of Inner Plastic Coating

API High Quality drilling tools of Inner Plastic Coating

1. Strict API standard
2. High quality and competitive price
3. Fast delivery and one year qulity guarantee

Product Details

Quick Details Parameter

Place of Origin : Liaoning, China
Application : Drill Collar
Secondary Or Not : Non-secondary
Certification : API
Machine Type : Drilling Tool
Usage : Oil Well


       With special designed inner plastic coating production line, PDM can prepare liquid coatings, powder coatings, inner lining glass and other surface protective layer. With better automatizing, designing and manufacturing, the full set of equipment is at a leading position in the world.

      Spraying equipment’s previous shortcomings of long ducts and complicated operations have been overcomed, which greatly improves the production efficiency. At the same time, shortening of material flowing line prevents much air from being mixed into the spraying system, which ensures the quality of coating.

      In the baking and curing process, PDM replaced the original batch curing oven with continuous one, so that sprayed pipes do not need to wait in the open air to enter into the oven, which greatly prevents the dust from getting into the pipe bores, ensures the quality of coating and also improves the production efficiency.

      The PT series surface protection products has the characteristics of long life and significant protecting effect, which can effectively solve the problems such as corrosion, wax deposition, scaling, eccentric wear and high flow-resistance in the drilling and producing progress of oil field.




型号 Model 名称 Product 规格 Dimension 用途 Function
PT-01 防腐、耐磨 TC液体涂层钻杆、钻铤、套管、油管
Drill pipe,drill collars,casing and tubing coated with TC liquid coating material.
2 7/8"~7"40 延长使用寿命、提高排液量。钻杆、钻铤防腐、防磨;套管防腐、防垢;油管防腐、防蜡、防垢
Increase service life and improve flow rate. Increase corrosion and wear resistance for DP and DC.Increase corrosion and sealing resistance for casing.Increase corrosion resistance,reduce wax deposition and scale formation for tubing
PT-02 防磨、防腐粉末涂层油井管、输油管
Oil well pipe and oil delivery pipe coated with powder coating material.
2 3/8"~10" 油井管、输油管防磨、防腐,延长维护周期。
Increase corrosion and wear resistance for oil well pipe and pipeline. Prolonging maintenance interval
PT-03 防垢、防蜡、防腐纳米涂层套管、油井管、主水管、输油管、输水管、输气管、集输管、井下筛管
Casing,oil well pipe, water pipeline, gasline and screen pipe coated with nanamaterials coating.
2 3/8"~10" 套管防垢、防腐;油井管防蜡、防腐、防垢;注水管防垢、防腐;输油、输水、输气、集输管防垢、防蜡、防腐、减阻;井下筛管防堵;丝扣防贴扣、防缩径、防腐。延长维护周期、保持恒定的输送量、减小输送动力消耗。
Increase corrosion, scale formation,wax deposition, resistance. Reduce friction drag, thread gluing. Prolong maintenance period, keep constant conveying capacity and reduce power consumption.
PT-04 常温集输内衬玻璃管Glass-line pipe for gathering at atmospheric temperature 2 40~100 集输地面管在高含水时,在井口不加热或减少加热量,使原油温度降低到凝固点以下进行集输,降低腐蚀、减少能耗。采用防腐接头,用于腐蚀区块。
For a high water-cut well, the surface gathering pipeline can gather crude oil without heating it or giving a reduced heat to it, so the temperature of crude oil drops to below its freezing point, thus lowering erosion and reducing energy consumption.
PT-05 防腐、防蜡、防垢纳米涂层抽油杆及配套防贴附、防磨扶正器 Increase corrosion, scale formation, and wax deposition resistance with Nanomaterials coating. Galling and wear resistance stabilizers are used. 1/2"~1" 抽油杆防腐、防蜡,扶正器防贴附堵塞、防磨,减少清蜡次数,延长磨损周期,最佳方案是管、杆、扶正器配套使用。
Sucker rod is corrosion resisted paraffin control; centering guide is galling, clogging and wear resisted. Reduce frequency of paraffin removal and prolonging wear-out period. The optimum approach is that tubes, rods and centering guides are used jointly in a matching way.


Company Profile

 Pipe & Drilling Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a petroleum drilling tools manufacturing company with the capacity of drilling tools designing, manufacturing,repairing and inspecting.

      PDM produces all kinds of drilling tools, such as drill pipes, tool joints, upsetting drill pipes, slick drill collars, spiral drill collars, integral heavy weight drill pipes, square or hexagon kellies, non-magnetic drilling tools, lifting subs, etc. At the same time it owns appropriative tubular internal plastic coating production line. PDM can manufacture products covered in API Spec 5DP, API Spec 7-1, RP7G, DS-1 or NS-1, and also other special drilling tools designed or required by customers.

      With the complete production line, PDM is one of the few integrative manufacturing companies which can arrange the processes of tool joints, drill pipe upsetting, heat treating, inertial friction welding, hardbanding and inner plastic coating.

      PDM has a complete R&D system and a reliable system of quality assurance. It gained API Spec Q1 and ISO9001 qualifications, and authority to use the API monograms of Spec 7-1 and Spec 5DP. The company’s products have passed the inspection of the China National Quality Supervision, Testing and Inspection Center of Oil Tubular Goods. The products are widely used in many Chinese oil fields and more than 20 countries, such as Iran, America, and France, etc.

      With the core management commitments of ‘respectful, honest, innovational, customer focus’, PDM is heartily willing to communicate and cooperate with all circles from domestic and oversea engaged in manufacturing and researching of oil drilling tools.


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