• 7 Layers Co-extrusion Sheet Machine

7 Layers Co-extrusion Sheet Machine

VOH is characteristic for excellent gas and moisture barrier property against Oxygen

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Model: HW(L)JP9544-900 
Suitable materials: PP(PET)/Ad/EVOH/Ad/PP(PE)
Sheet thickness: 0.4-2.0mm
Sheet width: ≤710mm
max output: ≤220kg/h

Model: HW(L)JP10655-1000
Suitable materials: PP(PET)/Ad/PA/EVOH/PA/Ad/PP(PE)
Sheet thickness: 0.4-2.0mm
Sheet width: ≤810mm
max output: ≤280kg/h

7 Layers Co-extrusion Sheet Machine
EVOH is characteristic for excellent gas and moisture barrier property against Oxygen, 
Carbonic acid gas and other gases, meanwhile it itself is high transparency, exceptional shine,
perfect mechanical strength and excellent heating stability for customer appeal. 

Co-extruded EVOH plastic film can be widely used in a variety of the vacuum food packaging 
for packing sauces, juices, raw meat, cheeses or fruits etc. When our people's living condition 
is improving by days and only 1 layer EVOH plastic packaging cannot reach the market's 
demand, accordingly the new technology for 7 layers EVOH film extrusion machine set by 
co-extruding in PET(PP)/AD/PA/EVOH/PA/AD/PE(PP) will meet the high demand of the 
domestic and abroad market nowadays.



7 Layers Co-extrusion Sheet Machine

Company Profile

HJK TECH was founded eight years, has been to focus attention exclusively for the purpose,to develop the depth of the sheet machine.We do not seek the quantity, we make each machine to reach perfect, creating unique value for customers.Indeed,HJK TECH history is not long, but our team has nearly twenty years of experience in making machine,large-scale may not be able to witness the high quality, instead of fine will shine on you and is better than blue!Although there are many sheet machine manufacturers, but their understanding is intermingled.HJK TECH reference to Germany, American, Japan imported technology, relatively higher positioning in the same industry, more mediate functions, applications of the mechanical principle reach the designated position.For example, we choose the JINCHENG online am die head is better application of advanced than other factory, natural eliminate stress function,the whole line material is also very satisfied.Our price has always been honest and high cost performance, not only compare the configuration, see the real you will feel different details.

Product line
General and highly-restrained polyolefin sheet 3 or 5 or 7 layers co-extrusion line
Exclusive PET sheet extrusion line
Exclusive PLA sheet extrusion line
Optical grade PC sheet extrusion line
PP micro foamed multi-layer co-extrusion folder sheet line
PEVA\CPP casting film line
EVA film (for laminated glass or photovoltaic solar energy) extrusion line


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