• 3H-2000TD series full-auto true density analyzer

3H-2000TD series full-auto true density analyzer

one key to complete gas channel swashing, sample swashing, system constant-temperature, multiple and repeated test and provide results.

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3H-2000TD series full-auto true density analyzer
Product Introduction 
3H-2000TD series full-auto true density instrument is a kind of fully automatic running gas expansion true density 
analysis system controlled by computer, it is equipped with multiple technological patents with originally created
 test method, to make it be widely applied in its applied scope comparing with instruments of the same kind with 
higher measurement result and precision, as well as wider volume range of analytical materials. 
Performance Parameters 
l Test content: true density; density ( focusing on materials without closing hold, such as metal, liquids and so on)
l Test Precision: the accuracy is better than ±0.03%; repeatability is better than ±0.015%; and the resolution ratio is: 0.0001g/ml
l Test speed: it will take 1 to 2min to complete the entire test process (constant temperature time is not included), dual-station analysis efficiency will be improved twice. 
l Analytical station:  
3H-2000TD1: one analytical station, test one sample meanwhile;
3H-2000TD2: two completely separate analytical station, test two samples at the same time.
l Applied scope: the sample density is not limited, it can be used to test the true density of some solid samples, such as a variety of powder form, granular form, block form, foam form and so on, as well as of the pulpous materials, non-volatile liquid samples and so on, also it can test the percentage of the opening area and the percentage of the closing area of the foaming materials, metallic materials and so on.
l Test Volume: more than 0.01ml, adaptive to samples with a variety of volumes. 
Technical features and advantages 
l Full-auto: one key to complete gas channel swashing, sample swashing, system constant-temperature, multiple and repeated test and provide results. 
l Test method: it adopts a “bottom-installing type” test method that takes sample cell with different volume as the sample test cavity, comparing with the similar instruments that change the volume of cavity by filling, it is featuring of an advantage of high utilization ratio for sample test cavity volume, so that it can improve the test precision; “bottom-installing bayonet type” sample cell can meet the demands of micro volume and large volume sample-installing conveniently, so as to realize the target of improving test precision. (patent number: ZL201120436207.5).
l Constant Temperature mode: Full-auto programmed constant temperature mode, the constant temperature precision error is <0.1℃; programmed control constant temperature process, and enter into test process automatically.    (patent number: ZL 201220708191.3)
l Valve type: Gas-controlling valve, it can eliminate the change of benchmark cavity temperature resulting from heat when the magnetic valve structural movement in similar instruments and the nonuniformity of temperature, so as to guarantee an ideal constant temperature effect; it has shifted the status fundamentally that adopting software correction method to minimize the error resulting from magnetic valve heating that damages constant temperature effect. (Patent number: ZL 201220140709.8)

3H-2000TD series full-auto true density analyzer

Company Profile

Beishide Instrument Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is the earliest manufacturing enterprise in China that is engaged in R & D, production and selling of physical adsorption instruments, and a high-tech enterprise certified by Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park.
Our company owns more than 20 patented technologies used to improve the precision and stability of our instruments, and it makes us the enterprise with the most patented technologies in the industry in domestic market. Its top technological team has provided powerful research and innovation abilities for our enterprise.
In 2012, our company was standing out from hundreds of thousands of enterprises and rated as a small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise technology innovation fund supporting enterprise by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission and National Ministry of Science and Technology, and we are the only one enterprise in China that has been supported by the two fund supports simultaneously.
We boast nearly one thousand of successful client cases, including numerous institutions of higher learning, scientific research institution and renowned enterprises. Our sales volume of instruments are far ahead for many years.
In 2009, we were authorized as ISO 9001 approved production enterprise, with complete selling, training, service system, as well as efficient and professional teams to guarantee providing excellent equipment and first-class services for clients all the time.
Professional and complete after-sale service system can provide 24 hours of telephone counseling, 49 hours of door-to-door service, we have set up service center in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, so as to make every effort to provide most excellent services for users conveniently and rapidly.
Beishide Instrument Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd


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