• 35kv Class Ovdt High Frequency Dry Type Distribution Transformer

35kv Class Ovdt High Frequency Dry Type Distribution Transformer

The SGH(B) series non-encapsulated H-class dry-type transformer from Pearl Electric is the transformer featuring low noise, low partial discharge and low loss. Rated LV: 0.4kv Insulation Level: H. V Li/AC 75/35 L. V Li/AC 0/3 Origin: China

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  • Application: Power, Electronic, Instrument, Lighting, Rectifier, Audio
  • Core: Core-type Transformer
  • Winding Type: Two-winding Transformer
  • Usage: Distribution Transformer
  • Shape of Core: U
  • Capacity: 200~2500kVA
  • Rated LV: 0.4kv
  • Insulation Level: H. V Li/AC 75/35 L. V Li/AC 0/3
  • Origin: China
  • Phase: Three
  • Cooling Method: Dry-type Transformer
  • Certification: ISO9001-2000, ISO9001, CCC, Kema CE
  • Frequency Characteristics: High Frequency
  • Brand: PE
  • Rated Hv: 10/6.6kv
  • Vector Group: Dyn11 or Yyn0
  • Trademark: PEARL ElECTRIC(PE)

The SGH(B) series non-encapsulated H-class dry-type transformer from Pearl Electric is the transformer featuring low noise, low partial discharge and low loss. It is manufactured with the NOMEX insulation material recognized by UL laboratory. The LV windings adopt foil-wound structure and HV windings adopt continuous disk-winding structure, both of which are moulded through vacuum pressure impregnation. It features reasonable structure, superior material, scientific design, strict technology, advanced test process, energy-conservation & environment-friendly. It also has the following features:

1, Low loss, low noise, low partial discharge, high reliability, great overload capacity and high heat-resistance.
2, Excellent anti-short circuit capability and great anti-lightning impulse capability.
3, HV windings are manufactured with the NOMEX paper-covered oxygen-free and high-conductivity copper conductor from American DuPont Company, which features high aging-resistance and long service lifetime.
4, The advanced VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) technology is adopted to enable the products with excellent electric and mechanical performance.
5, Simulation analysis is adopted during the core designing to avoid the cavity resonance and substantially reduce the noise. During the HV winding module design, lightning impulse wave process is simulated for calculation and analysis, thus to improve product's anti-lightning impulse capability.

Special Features:
1.Self-extinguishing and inflaming retarding, fire-proof and explosion-proof, pollution-free and no toxic gas being generated.
2.Excellent damp-proof performance, capable of working under 100% relative humidity and other harsh conditions, with no damp-removing measures needed.
3.Not sensitive to dust and environment pollutions. Excellent structure design realizes chap-free features and high heat-dispersion performance.
4.Great overload capability, capable of operating continuously under 120% overload conditions and in case of air forced cooling, operating continuously under150% overload conditions.
5.Nice appearance, small-size, less installation space occupation and low engineering cost.
6.Each performance index and technical specification excels those specified in China GB, international IEC or industrial standards.
The core is manufactured with high quality cold rolled grain-oriented silicon steel of high magnetic conductivity. 45° mitring and 5-steps overlapping structure is adopted for the core design, thus to greatly reduce no-load loss and no-load current. To precisely calculate resonance frequency and intensity and avoid cavity resonance generated by the core structure during operation, simulation analysis is carried out for core mould design. Flexible connections are made between core and coils, core and bogie. With these measures adopted, the noise level is reduced by 10~15dB compared with the international standard.
HV winding
HV windings are manufactured with the NOMEX paper-covered oxygen-free and high-conductivity copper conductor, with continuous disk-winding structure adopted. Within the windings is the high-strength insulation cylinder support. And between the insulation cylinder and the disk winding are the insulation pads, thus to form an axial air passage within the windings. Between the disks are the high-strength insulation pad, thus to form radial air passage within the windings. This structure greatly improves windings' heat-dispersion performance and mechanical strength, thus finally to improve product's operation reliability. During winding design, full consideration is given to the electric field characteristics by adopting optimum structure for improving the electric field distribution and reducing the local partial discharge while improving the product's anti-lightning impulse capability.
LV Winding
LVwinding (with the rated power equal to or higher than 400kVA) is manufactured with high quality foil conductor, resulting in excellent ampere-turn balance, low transverse magnetic flux leakage and higher anti-short circuit capability. By designing reasonable air conduit in the windings to increase the heat-dispersion surface, transformer's temperature rise is effectively controlled and the overload capacity is greatly improved.
Protective enclosure
Attractive and wearing-resistant protective enclosures are available to provide additional protection to transformer, and the protection level could be IP20, IP23 or higher. The material is stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate and other suitable materials. IP20 enclosure provides protection against the entrance of foreign objects with diameter exceeding 12mm and could withstand accidental shock. IP23 enclosure, in addition to functions of IP20 enclosure, also provides protection against rainfall at a vertical angle of less than 60°. But the IP23 enclosure will reduce transformer's cooling capacity by about 5%~10%, therefore this must be taken into account when selecting enclosure for the transformer. Cable support is supplied for HV(LV) incoming (outgoing) connections from bottom of enclosure.
Applied standards 
IEC60076-11, DIN42523


35kv Class Ovdt High Frequency Dry Type Distribution Transformer

Company Profile

Pearl Electric's history may date back to the year of 1958 when it is founded as the Panyu Electrical Motor Factory. With more than fifty years development and company restructuring/reorganization in recent years, Pearl Electric is now ready to realize its ambition of becoming a global power transformer manufacturer and supplier.

Pearl Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional and high-tech manufacturing enterprise engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of various power transformation and transmission equipment. The main product coverage is 110kV (and below 110kV) oil-immersed power transformer, 35kV (and below 35kV) dry-type power transformer, reactors, pad-mounted transformer and prefabricated substation. Pearl occupies a factory area of 9 hectares, with more than 6 hectares of modern factory buildings. Having more than 600 employees and possessing more than 260 sets of specialized manufacturing equipment, Pearl boasts an annual output capability of 6 million kVA transformers, 1.50 million kvar reactors and more than 2000 sets of pad-mounted transformer/prefabricated substation.

Pearl Electric boasts a professional R&D team with more than 50 engineers for the development of new products, design of customized model and guarantee of factory manufacturing. Pearl Electric has also established a complete Quality Management System, with the following certifications passed: ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification and OHSAS18000 Occupation Health and Safety Management System certification.

Since the inception in 1958, Pearl Electric has always been winning customer's trust and support with the advanced technology, superior quality, considerate service and sincere cooperation. Pear Electricl is highly recognized by authority and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Such titles are granted to Pearl Electric as "Guangzhou Top 100 Private Enterprises", "Valuing Contract and Keeping Credit Company for 17 Continuous Years", "Guangzhou High & New Technology Enterprise", " Guangdong Top Brand", "Guangdong Top 50 Key Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises" and etc...Pearl products have won various Scientific and Technological Progress Awards at national, provincial and municipal level. The marketing network spreads across the whole China and products are sold also abroad, for example Southeast Asia and Middle East.


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