• .Far-infrared quartz heating elements

.Far-infrared quartz heating elements

SH far-infrared quartz heating elements used our own production of white quartz tube equipped with electric material, so that components with the quality and reliability of far-infrared radiation characteristics

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First, the structure of principle: SH far-infrared quartz heating elements used our own production of white quartz tube equipped with electric material, so that components with the quality and reliability of far-infrared radiation characteristics: electricity, heating the material issued by the visible light and infrared light in 97 percent were white tube do to stop the use of absorbing wall temperature silica produce key elements of vibration far infrared radiation, so that this 97% of the visible and near infrared light may be turned into a far-infrared radiation. To overcome the simple use of transparent quartz glass brought about by near-infrared and visible defects, which effectively converted into electrical energy so far infrared.
   Second, characteristics: SH far-infrared quartz heating elements are white quartz tube for the infrared radiation sources, there is no coating, no pollution, no harmful radiation, excellent chemical stability, high temperature, the shape of diverse, long-term use of non-deformed Thermal stability, and heating temperature can choose. The use of long-term performance of radiation persistent change. And a long life, well-structured, very small thermal inertia and easy to use. SH far-infrared quartz heater is the only selective far-infrared radiation the best components.

Third, the main technical parameters; SH far-infrared quartz heating elements for single voltage 220V, 380V or other user voltage level.
   1, the length of 300-3,000 mm; diameter: Φ10-50mm; power :300-6000W. The Company may also request specific users by the technical parameters of the processing, design, manufacture.
   2, sub-surface temperature in third gear: low temperature: 380 ℃ - 480 ℃ in temperature: 550 ℃ - 650 ℃ high temperature: 680 ℃ - 750 ℃
   3, the relative radiation characteristics: the quartz heating elements in the far infrared part of the launch of a stronger than other types of far-infrared devices, wavelength> 6μ, radiation and improved significantly.
   4, spectral emissivity, SH quartz heating elements without coatings, both white tube from radiation, began supporting the role of insulation, spectral emissivity wavelength> 5μ time, ελ> 0.9.
   5, radiation efficiency, small thermal inertia, with its own thermal energy only and carborundum metal tubes 10% of the thermal inertia <20 seconds. Particularly for batch production technology, continuous better.


Company Profile

Xin Kang quartz Jinzhou Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise, located in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, high-tech industrial park. Strategic location, beautiful environment, railways, highways, aviation, harbor, and so very convenient transportation. The company covers an area of 4300 square meters, construction area of 2080 square meters. For many years specializing in the production of quartz glass. Varieties are: quartz glass, optical quartz glass, quartz far-infrared heaters, quartz ultra-violet disinfection lights, gas refining quartz tube, crucible of quartz crystal products and so on. Advanced production equipment, testing equipment improved branch operation is strong in refining the structure of staff. Among them, to engage silica glass production engineering branch operation and branch division accounted for more than a quarter of the total number, by the Chief Engineer, under the leadership of the branch management technique to form a comprehensive quality assurance system.

  Since the beginning of the founder of our company in order to advance the management and efficient service quality, excellent team spirit, strong marketing team, has become a multi-product, multi-brand well-known enterprises in Liaoning, walking age. With the continuous development of market economy and improve the company through continuous reform and innovation to achieve a standardized and systematic and standardized management, so that's even better. At present, our company is committed to advanced technology at home and abroad according to the further process of reform, transformation of enterprises, product updates. In order to adapt to the intense market competition and improve market share.

   The company has always insisted: operating integrity, quality service to the principle of the development of domestic and foreign customers with a wide range of cooperation, and welcomes people from all walks of life to guide us so that customer satisfaction, let us do a better job.

Xin Kang quartz Jinzhou Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.


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