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Real time measure the slewing angle of main jib, radius of trolley (angle of jib and radius of tip for luffing tower crane), hook height, load, wind and according to the hoisting weight calculating torque ratio.

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Moment Protection: According to the load information, allow or prohibit the hook upwards or trolley forwards. Include 3 contacts: hook upwards, trolley forwards(high speed, low speed).
Anti-collision: According to the real time positions of tower cranes, allow or prohibit the movement of trolley and slewing. Include 11 contacts: 4 contacts for trolley(high speed forwards, low speed forward, high speed back wards, low speed back wards); 7 contacts for slewing(left high speed, left low speed, right high speed, right low speed, left inverse ejecting, right inverse ejecting, braking).
Wireless Communication: Each controller could communicate wirelessly among tower cranes and accomplish anti-collision and zone protection. Each controller could be added or quit the network without effecting other tower cranes’ work.
GPRS remote function: Global advanced communication technology of GPRS, the tower crane in real-time data uploaded to the Internet, the administrator can be password landing to the Internet for the tower crane working condition real-time monitoring.
Data Set and Wirelessly Upload: All the data about site, tower crane and zone could be set on the computer in the office and wirelessly upload them to each controller on the tower crane,
Sensors Calibration: Calibration and measurement could be achieved by several simple operation after installation.
Records of controlling:  All the records of controlling can be stored in the controller, which can be downloaded to surveillance computer for checking.
Updating of load chart of tower crane:  Common load chart of tower crane have been stored in the controller and it could be updated by customer himself.

Company Profile

Recen China-combing innovation and experience, convoy for the construction.
Recen is the famous supplier of crane safety system, the products super quality is guaranteed by the advanced technology, as founders, enya and david apply the advance of France and Singapore systems, meeting the technology innovation challenges, volume production starting in 2008 under introduction of olympic committee, the intelligence update innovation movement is coming. Recen safety systems are into market from 2009, with super class mechanism and reasonable price, after discussion with distributors.

Recen people are working hard for better monitoring productions, advanced products following and planning, professors`consultation and support for distributors, the strong service for each buyer and agents is guaranteed. Recen is being the best brand and choice. The systems are popular in the filed of crane using and rental.

Recen is located in "the land of abundance" chengdu, China, products are popular in China, hongkong, Middle East, Russia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Kuwait, UAE and so on, there are distributors and agents from more than 36 countries. Recen safety system and intelligence solution apply the advanced technology, famous all over the world, and recen will lead the industry growth. With perfect quality products and clients service showing the recen value, the clients can be no worry for effective working when working at heights.

Recen, with principle of advance, innoviation, and reasonable, which is recen`s working core. Recen people work hard for details to make sure of the high requirments for products, to provide successful products. Long and sincere cooperation with distributors and clients, recen people guarantee the products supplying to meet the demand and make the business value come true for sustainable development, recen integrate brand strategy guide, making products technology advance to market challenge strength. Recen adopt innovitaion technology, and it is being the best one in the safety monitoring and intelligence solution filed. Recen will keep investing in this field , and foucs on products using, design, and technology quality, to providing high-technology, high-effection, high- efficency power production in the future, simple and perfect using and sales.

Thank you for choosing recen.
Recen China


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