•  LPA power transmitter

LPA power transmitter

Mounted on 35mm standard rail or screw fixing in the cabinet

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Product Features

·Mounted on 35mm standard rail or screw fixing in the cabinet

·Power Supply: AC 220V/AC 380V optional

·Input signal: AC, DC various power

·Isolated output signal: 4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 5V optional

·Wiring Method: Press the correct wiring diagram on the meter


Technical parameters:


Specification   Performance DC  voltage DC current AC voltage ACcurrent Active Reactive 
Frequency Power 
Enter Measuring range 45~55HZ Angle:0~+90°cos:0~1
Nominal voltage 75mv 1v 10v 100v 300v 500v 100v 300v 500v 57v 100v 220v 380v 100v 110v 220v 100v 220v 380v
Current nominal value 0.1A、1A、5A 1A、
Over range Duration: 1.2 times; instantaneous: current 10 seconds / 5 seconds, the voltage 2 times / 1 sec
Frequency 50HZ(60HZ, 400HZ an additional set) 50HZ
Absorbed power 1VA 1VA
Export Nominal value 0~20mA,4~20mA,0~10V,0~5V
Load resistance Current output: RL ≤ 500Ω; voltage output: RL ≥ 5KΩ
Maximum output signal Rating 30mA
Output Ripple Not more than 2 times the basic error
Response Time 300ms
Power Power Supply AC、DC 110V/220V,DC 5V、12V、24V、48V(订货时须说明)
Power ≤5VA(AC)
Accuracy class 0.5级
 Dielectric Strength 2KV/50HZ/1min


1、 A long time do not use the instrument before use powered preheat for 15 minutes, in order to make precision measurements.

2、 Wish to use the ambient temperature 0 ~ 50 ℃, relative humidity below 85%.

3、 Instrument calibration interval of one year. To calibration instruments, instrument accuracy must be better than 0.1 in order to ensure that the calibration accuracy.

4、 Attention to prevent vibration and shock, do soil of excessive dust and excess of harmful chemicals and gases and other places, such as in a strong magnetic field, high-frequency or high-voltage spark to use, please use the external power line filters or other anti-dry absorption circuit.

5、 Our products replacement in three months, one year warranty. Calibration potentiometer is used for the instrument calibration accuracy, non-standard instrument tuning and non-professionals do not disassemble the instrument.
 LPA power transmitter

Company Profile

Shanghai(Wenzhou)JYINS Meter Instrument Electric Co.,Ltd. Yueqing JYINS Electric Technology Co.,LTD is located in the China Electric Apparatus Capital of Liushi Town, which is on the coast of the East China Sea and at the World Geopark of Yandang Mountain’s piedmont. Liushui Town is 40km north to Yandang Mountain, 30km south to Wenzhou Airport and near the East China Sea in the east; therefore the land, sea and air transportation here is very convenient


        Our company was founded in 1993 with more than 20 years' development history. It's a modern enterprise integrating meters’ design, development, production, sales and service as a whole. Currently, our company has more than 100 employees, including 33 managerial and technical personnel and 3 intermediate and senior engineers. We are professional in producing series products of various types of mounted ammeters and voltmeters, export meters, digital display ammeters and voltmeters, multi-function electricity meters, programmable ammeters and voltmeters, smart energy meters, marine meters, intelligent temperature control meters, switching power supplies, reactive power compensators and transmitters,inverter,solar systemsolar charging and discharging controllerDC/DC convertercar emergency electric power source,battery charger. 

        Our company has strong technological strength, exquisite production technology, as well as advanced and innovative production processes and equipments. All of our products have obtained the certificate of conformity -from the National Institute of Measuring and Testing Technology. Science and technology constitute a primary productive force. With over 30 national patents for invention, our company takes the lead in passing the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, CE certification, and explosion-proof certification.

        Our company has set new product R&D center, and quality management department. We constantly release new products to take over the international and domestic markets. Providing customers with satisfactory products and good services, we are deeply welcomed by customers. Our products are exported to countries and regions including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, European countries and the America enjoying a quite high international reputation.
JYINS Meter Instrument Electric Co.,Ltd


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