The system can be compatible with various open hole convenient logging series’ and production logging tools of Huanding, and DITS-series convenient and imaging logging tools of Halliburton. It will also be compatible with some special tools and IQ-series tools of Halliburton in future

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The system is composed of four main parts, they are: a Control Rack, a Display and Operating Desk, a Power Supply Rack and a Truck Depth Panel SDDP-C. The Control Rack consists of a Perforating and Coring Panel (CSP), a Signal Switchover Cabinet (CIP), an Acquisition Interface Cabinet (GEP), an Electrode Array Logging Panel (DJXP), an Interface Cabinet of DITS (DEMP), an AC Power Cabinet of DITS (ELGAR), a USP and an AC Power Control Panel (ACCP); The Display and Operating Desk consists of a Consolidated Industrial Computer, a consolidated LD and a Network Exchanger; The Power Supply Rack consists of a Control Panel of DC power (DCCP), a Power Cabinet of Down Tools (TPS), 4 DC Power supplies, a Digital Oscillograph and a Plotter.

Main Compatible Logging Tools

- 530-series Super-combo Logging Tools;

- 520-series Digital Logging Tool, special tools: SJSC, DDQC, CDC;

- 521-series Analogue Logging Tools;

- WTC-series Production Logging Tools;

- Perforating and Sidewall Coring;

- DITS-series Imaging and Convenient Logging Tools of EXCELL-2000;

- Electrode Array Logging.


Operation Principle
- Logging Computers

530 Logging Main Computer and 530 Auxiliary Logging Computer form a dual-computer system for 530-series, 520-series, 521-series and cased hole production loggings, perforating and coring, and other domestic logging. It adopts Windows-2000 operation system as an open platform. The 530 Logging Main Computer is the CPU of the system, and it completes the software initialization of the main control module and DSP modules etc. after starting the system; it completes the orderings of display, plotting recording and management of various data, as well as of the disposition of tool strings, power on the down tools, calibration of down tools and operation of pad-mounted device during logging. The 530 Auxiliary Logging Computer can exchange data with 530 Main Logging Computer through a Net Exchanger and process the data while logging. It can promote logging efficiency. If the 530 Main Logging Computer fails, the 530 Auxiliary Logging Computer can quickly be connected into the system through the ether net port to complete the logging operation. With the switchover, the plotter can be separately connected with 530 main and auxiliary logging computers for log plotting after logging.

DITS (EXCELL-2000) Main Logging Computer is a special logging computer of DITS–series tools, it is connected with the main control computer PC104 through ether net to complete the display, plotting, recording and management of relative logs, and to control down tools.

Company Profile

Chongqing Weiyun Technology Development Co., Ltd (WINGOIL), headquartered in Chongqing China, is a comprehensive high-tech enterprises mainly engaged in researching, development, manufacturing and marketing petroleum exploration equipment and petroleum machinery. The company presently has spread three subsidiary plants in Sichuan, Beijing and Jiangsu for perforation tools, well logging equipment and non-die-mark hydraulic power tong.
With many years of continuously stable development, WINGOIL has combined the knowledge and experiences in order to customize Oil & Gas fields services of well logging, perforating and chemical injection. Replying on advantages in scientific research of institute and university, as well as advanced technology in western countries, it gained high quality products and leading technology like wellhead pressure test equipment, helium gas tubing thread leakage test equipment, non-die-mark hydraulic power tong, well oil and water separator test equipment, ultra deep penetration shaped perforating charges, magnetic resonance imaging logging system, horizontal well cluster perforating technology, through-pipe memorized diversified well logging technology, etc.

Our products and technology has been serving reliably at the Oil & Gas fields in Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Chad, Niger, Iraq, Algeria, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Oman, Sudan, Yemen, Mongolia, Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, Venezuela, Madagascar and other countries; WINGOIL established strategic cooperation partnership with SINOPEC, CNPC, Shell, Maximator, etc.

In accordance with the business philosophy of “Motion, Innovation, Cooperation”, WINGOIL always pursues and dedicates to offer customers with the best products, services and win-win business effectively and economically.


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