Equipment manufacturing expo kicks off in Shenyang

Date : 2016-09-06  | From :

The 15th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition was unveiled at the Shenyang International Expo Center in Northeast China’s Liaoning province on Sept 1.

The five-day event has attracted a total of 830 high-end manufacturers, and equipment research and development institutions. Foreign businesses accounted for 239 of the businesses exhibiting products at the event.

The exposition, which covers 110,000 square meters and has some 4,000 exhibition stands, contains seven indoor exhibition areas and two outdoor exhibition areas.

A wide variety of exhibits are on display, including equipment aimed at strategic emerging industries, machine tools, construction machinery, and various other precision instruments and intelligent equipment. The exposition also includes high-tech products such as 3D printers, robots, and intelligent gaming equipment.

Some of Liaoning’s most famous businesses are attending the event, such as the Shenyang Machine Tool Co, Northern Heavy Industries Group Co, and the Shenyang Aircraft Co.

During the event, attendees and purchasing agents can not only visit the exhibitions, but also operate and experience the machinery.

The event provides a platform for businesspeople to meet, discuss their products, discuss investment, and ultimately sign deals with each other, said an official from the event committee. The official also added that the event plays an important role in boosting Shenyang’s equipment manufacturing industry.