Equipmentimes Introduces Open E-Shops for Registration & Display of Goods For Free

Date : 2016-03-22  | From :

Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd. allows manufacturers and suppliers to host their products, machinery and equipment online on their website to help connect with overseas companies to facilitate international trade.

For companies manufacturing and supplying products and machinery, Equipmentimes has now created an online platform to promote their business among international clients. They have introduced Open E-Shops for the product and Machinery Suppliers to register and host their products online for free. Equipmentimes has been serving many overseas companies to help procure quality product and machinery from trusted suppliers, and a presence on their website will bring more business for suppliers of machineries and equipment.

The E-shop will be available in four different language versions, including English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. The presence of four languages will expand the reach and will help suppliers to market their products in different geographical regions, where these languages are spoken. Besides, Equipmentimes has several types of promotional plans to promoteChina Machinery business to help facilitate international trade. The organization has been working for the past several years to connect local business with overseas companies to help facilitate international trade.

The new initiative will help Machinery Equipment suppliers to expand their business by featuring their profile and portfolio online. A number of international exporters rely on Equipmentimes to source products and machinery from China, and they will now find more new companies with a new range of machinery to export for their business. The professionals working with Equipmentimes carry out a factory evaluation and product inspection on behalf of an international company to help procure the best machinery or product from China. And with their free e-shops, they bring more choices for international clients and can carry out the quality check for them to get the best machinery at the best prices.

Equipmentimes already has an exhaustive database of manufacturers and suppliers based in China. International companies can rely on them for exporting quality machinery from trusted suppliers. They assist overseas clients in every possible manner and will now connect them with local suppliers with their e-shops.