Equipmentimes was invited to research the construction of Incubator Base for Foreign Trade Enterprises in Jinpu New District

Date : 2016-01-19  | From : Equipmentimes

On 7th December, research group of Dalian Government researched the construction of Incubator Base for Foreign Trade Enterprises in Jinpu New District. Shikun Zhang (member of Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Director of Administrative Committee in Jinpu New District and Jinzhou New District), Lin Lu (the Vice Mayor) and Congke Ren (Member of the Party Working Committee, Deputy Directorof Administrative Committee in Jinzhou New District) attended the research.Equipmentimes owned by Liaoning MEC Group was invited.

Research Group of Dalian Government researched the construction of Incubator Base for Foreign Trade Enterprises in Jinpu New District

As the first foreign trade integrated service platform in Dalian, Equipmentimes is one of the first batch of enterprises move into the base. Equipmentimes will provide one-stop services in the international trade valuechains including clearance, tax rebating, and settlement of exchange and so on.The platform hopes to help the enterprises to solve their problems.

Equipmentimes owned by Liaoning MEC Group hopes to promoteChinese SMEs on the way to transformation of cross-border e-commerce B2B through the new pattern and operation 'Internet + Foreign Trade' under the support of the government. And the platform also hopes to help SMEs to grasp marketing channels, create self-owned brand, improve international competitiveness and hold the pricing power gradually by using Google, Yandex and other International leading digital marketing models. Yanfeng Xu, CEO of Equipmentimes said.

Yanfeng Xu(CEO of Exportimes) reported to the research group

Premier Wang further specified the development model of the cross-border e-commerce that take a bigger and stronger B2B as the main direction,create new engine and advantages for the development of foreign trade when heinspected China (Hangzhou) Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area inOctober, 2015.

As the only national new distract in northeast of China, Jinpu New District which located in the center of Northeast Asia is an important hub for trade exchanges and open cooperation. With the approving of national innovation demonstration zones, the tarting of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot areas and the growing ability of independent innovation and open to the outside world, Jinpu New District will play an important role of economic growth in the Northeast gradually.

For helping Dalian SMEs expand export, Equipmentimes insists on takingmeasures to strengthen the internal and external linkage:

On the one hand,dig existing potential. Equipmentimes plans to start the Plan Double Ten of Google across the city with the power of the government, Google and Equipmentimes. Select 10 enterprises with scale and strength to a certain extent from 10 stress trades as leader enterprises and training a number of e-commerce experts to improve marketing level of SEMs.

On the otherhand, expand the integration of resources. Equipmentimes is trying to bring LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network to Dalian for promoting the steady growth of thecity's exports.