The 118th Canton Fair,Equipmentimes sincerely welcome you!

Date : 2015-10-09  | From : Equipmentimes

       Located inthe scenic coastal city of Dalian, Liaoning Province, China, we, Liaoning MECGroup Co., Ltd., are an integrated group company engaged in the business ofinternational project engineering & contracting, international trade,domestic trade, E-commerce, real estate, environmental engineering, Storage andtransportation, property management and Investment. The Group was founded in1994. Up to recent years, the average annual turnovers have reached to morethan RMB 2,200 millions and the annual volume of import and export amounts tomore than USD 250 millions. The Group now keeps business relations with severalthousand foreign and domestic companies and manufacturers in various industries& fields.

       As an important channel to develop foreign market, Mec Group has participated inCanton Fair for many years. With the enhancement of the strength and influenceof Canton Fair, Mec Group has constantly adjusted the product structure, upgradedservice content. The Canton Fair helped us to establish a good brandreputation, make our international trade business full of vitality.

The 118thCanton Fair will be held at China Import and Export Fair Complex (No.380,Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou) on 15th October. By the time, LiaoningMEC Group Co., Ltd. will participate with its B2Bplatform——Exportimes. At the Fair, We will exhibitall kinds of products, includes transformer, ice cream equipments and so on. We keepthe firm faith to provide our customer with first-class products and servicesby exerting the advantages of our abundant human resources and scientificmanagement system. We will always abide by the scientific management norms ofleading strategy and sustainable development to serve our customers.

Booth No.



Booth  No.


Phase 1

From Oct.15 to19,2015


General Machinery, Small Processing Machinery and  Industrial Accessories

Phase 2

From Oct.23 to27,2015


Household Items

Phase 3

From Oct.31 toNovember 4,2015


Cases and Bags

About Exportimes

       Exportimes is an one-stop whole value chain service platform for international trade, focuses on supporting SMEs to carry out international trade with no barriers, high efficiency and low cost.

       In addition to providing massive external business information, Exportimes’ service also extends to the rear end of the trading and service areas, including Marketing, customs clearance, charter booking, Tax rebates, and financing. At the same time, Exportimes has a wealth of professional resources and outstanding ability to integrate resources, including “Iran exports green channel”. Not only Selected the Ministry of Commerce e-commerce business model at the 2013-2014 year and 2015-2016 year, but also awarded “Dalian Foreign Trade Integrated Service Platform” and “Dalian Training Base for Foreign Trade E-business Venture & Innovation”.

       On 1th April 2015,Exportimes becomes Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, brings the Google AdWords into the whole value chain service platform for international trade, and set up the Google AdWords experience center(the first one of Northeast Region, the third one of China). Then Exportimes cooperated with yandex, in order to strengthen and improve the service system.