Semiconductor refrigeration machine for 90 minutes to complete the intelligent ice cream

Date : 2015-05-21  | From :

On Tuesday, a 90 minutes to produce different taste, texture and does not depend on the refrigerator ice cream machine appearing on the market, this is Guangdong Fu Xin technology independent research and development of honey home ice cream mix machine. It relies on the international leader in a number of core semiconductor electronic refrigeration technology, to petite, easy to use to become the summer family favorite.

White cheese, mint green, tea dust, peach powder, honey ice cream machine appearance, it has 15 kinds of skin color, shape similar to the juice machine, 3.5 kg of body weight, indeed, is the lovable dexterous fan.

Do not look at its little body, but once you can make 4 ice cream balls for 4 people at the same time to enjoy. Summer is coming, if it is the weekend with friends to a guest house, home owner can ahead of Schedule 1 and a half hours do waiting for ice cream, ice cream do put in ice cream machine, do not need to transfer to the refrigerator, it can be insulated for six hours. Needless to say, this is a "cool".

E-cool intelligent refrigeration technology more than honey ice cream machine used, is a new type of environmental protection electronic refrigeration technology. Through the innovative application of micro semiconductor chip, can be synchronized mixing refrigeration, without relying on the refrigerator. And the market a lot of ice cream machine, the raw material is mixed, then put into the refrigerator freezer. More importantly, it also energy saving, 90 watts of power, with the amount of their own calculation.

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