China customs confiscate 20,464 batches of fake goods

Date : 2014-04-29  | From : Xinhua

China's customs said on Monday that they confiscated 20,464 batches of goods last year, including about 76 million articles suspected of breaking intellectual property rights (IPR) laws.

Among the articles, 98 percent involved violation of right to the exclusive use of a trademark, the General Administration of Customs said.

Almost all of the items, 99.4 percent of them, including tobacco, hardware, cosmetics, garments and shoes, and automobile components, were confiscated by the administration as they are being exported, it added.

Confiscated sports equipment, digital storage devices, mechanical and electronic products and communications equipments were high compared to the previous year, the administration said without giving specific figures.

The administration confiscated 673,000 pills in 2013, up 570 percent from 2012, it said.