Comments on WTO Panel Report on the Dispute Case of China's Appeal Against U.S. Amendment to Tariff Act

Date : 2014-04-04  | From : hina

On March 27, Geneva time, the World Trade Organization announced panel report on the dispute case of China’s appeal against U.S. Amendment to Tariff Act.
MOFCOM spokesman Shen Danyang commented that the panel supported China’s stand in double remedy and presumed that the U.S. Department of Commerce did not avoid the tax adjustment of double remedy among the 25 anti-dumping and countervailing cases against China from 2006 to 2012 and violated the World Trade Organization Rules. China welcomes such decision.
Shen Danyang said that this case involved more than USD7.2 billion each year and touched upon an enormous trade benefit of China. China hopes that the U.S. could respect WTO ruling and change the abuse use of trade remedy measures as soon as possible to ensure an environment of fair competition for Chinese enterprises.
Shen Danyang said that the panel presumed that the U.S. , through Amendment to Tariff Act on March 13, 2012, dated back and authorized the investigation institutions to levy countervailing tax on “non-market economy countries” from November 20, 2006, which did not violate WTO rules. China feels regretful for that.
Shen Danyang also mentioned that China was assessing the panel report, and would do the follow-up work according to WTO dispute settlement procedures.