Ontario signs partnerships with Chinese sci-tech firms

Date : 2014-03-24  | From : CCCME

A series of partnership agreements have been reached over the past week between Ontario, Canada, and Chinese science and technology institutions and enterprises.

The signing of the agreements was conducted as part of Ontario's Minister of Research and Innovation Reza Moridi's visit to China.

The projects mainly focus on bioscience, information technology and clean technologies.

In Canada, 47 percent of funding for research and development originates in Ontario.

Twelve cooperation projects were announced, under the umbrella of the Ontario-China Memorandum of Understanding on Research and Innovation, signed in 2008 between Ontario and China's Ministry of Science and Technology.

The MOU formalized the strategic innovation cooperation between Ontario and China, and was renewed in 2013 for another five years.

Ontario also promised to add another C$10 million ($9 million) to support new projects under the MOU.

"The international collaboration of excellent researchers and innovative enterprises could produce more formidable achievements than that of an independent group," Moridi said.

"The strengthened partnership with China in research and innovation causes would help to propel Ontario's leading position in technology in terms of providing better medical service and improving environment, as well as creating high-value job opportunities in our province," he added.