The 15th MOFCOM Executive Meeting Was Held to Study the Healthy Development of E-commerce and Online Shopping

Date : 2014-03-21  | From : MOFCOM

Gao Hucheng, Minister of Commerce presided over the 15th executive meeting, to study the related work on the healthy development of e-commerce and online shopping on March.

It was agreed at the meeting that the rapid development of e-commerce, especially the online shopping, not only provided more opportunities and space for the development of small and medium size enterprises, deeply changing the overall condition of the circulation industry, but also played an increasingly important role in driving the transformation and upgrade of traditional industry, expanding consumption, promoting employment and establishing a market integrating the domestic and overseas market.

It was pointed out at the meeting that e-commerce is of great importance in the commercial field. Under the new circumstances, commercial departments should strengthen the top-level design, scientifically plan and guide the industrial development, and follow the principle of “regulating during the development and promoting development through regulation”, practically make efforts on the work on laws, regulations and standards, credit system, statistical monitoring system and policy support of e-commerce, make full play of the decisive role of market in resource allocation, and promote the establishment of a circulation management system that accommodates the rapid development of e-commerce.

Other work was also studied at the meeting. Leaders of MOFCOM in Beijing and principals of related departments were present at the meeting.