Chinese consumers bring opportunity for Brazil: officials

Date : 2014-02-08  | From : Xinhua

Chinese consumers and their rising purchasing power brought great opportunity for Brazil, Brazilian officials said here on Thursday.

Mauricio Borges, president of Exports and Investment Promotion Agency of Brazil (Apex-Brazil) told Xinhua that the growing number of Chinese consumers of Brazilian products represented a huge opportunity for economic growth.

China's demand for Brazil-made goods, such as wine, specialty foods, shoes and other fashion items, has been on the rise.

Brazil hopes to boost the sale of high value-added products to China and attracts more Chinese investment, Borges said.

"Brazilian companies are increasingly focusing on the Chinese market," Borges said.

He said the Apex-Brazil has worked to guide Brazilian companies to the Chinese market to ensure the growth opportunities for both sides, as "trade ties between Brazil and China are based on win-win situation and mutual respect."

"The challenge is to further strengthen the bilateral ties by promoting more trade and investment, and make it easier," said Borges.

The Apex-Brazil opened an office in Beijing in 2007, which aimed at connecting businesses especially for small and medium-sized companies.

Brazil's most recent trade promotion event in China, called "Flavors from Brazil", displayed a variety of Brazilian enterprises, Apex-Brazil Business Director Ricardo Santana said.

Chinese consumers could be adapted to drinking coffee and wine, and "changing consumer habits in China are our point of focus, so our products can have greater reach," Santana added.