China moves to world top spot in trade competitiveness

Date : 2014-01-26  | From : Xinhua

China has moved to the world top spot in trade competitiveness in terms of the number of export items, according a report from South Korea’s International Trade Association Thursday.

The report said China secured the spot as its number of export items reached as many as 1,485 in 2012.

The next spot was taken by Germany (703 items), followed by the U.S. (603) and Japan (231).

The Chinese manufacturers have overtaken South Korea by exporting 440 out of 779 in the textile products category and 50 out of 166 in the category of leather and rubber products, shoes and travel-related products.

The textile products and leather, rubber, shoes and travel-related products helped South Korea occupy a lead position in foreign trade in the 1980s and '90s, the report said.