Department of Electronic Commerce and Information of MOFCOM surveyed Equipmentimes

Date : 2014-01-09  | From : Equipmentimes

In order to look into status of development of model enterprise, summarize and promote successful experience of model enterprise, leaders of Department of Electronic Commerce and Information of MOFCOM, together with Zheng Min - CEO of EBRUN, came to Liaoning MEC Group, conducted a survey of Equipmentiems on 7th January.

MOFCOM leaderships are listening to the working report

Chairman of the Board of Equipmentimes – Kang Jian gave a warm welcome to MOFCOM leaderships. He made detailed introduction of the development of our company and business and relevant running situation about electromechanical export. In particular, about how do traditional enterprises bring current clients to the Internet and the problem of internal management system and evaluation mechanism, Kang Jian also covered in detail during the conference.

MOFCOM leaderships are inspecting Liaoning MEC Group

After hearing the introduction, MOFCOM leaderships said, as modern service-oriented enterprises, what they need to do is not only sell products, but to help more middle and small-sized enterprises get orders. In this regard, Liaoning MEC Group has played a leading role as e-commerce model enterprise. Through building Equipmentimes, they upgrade the function services of traditional foreign trade enterprises, occupy industry highs and lead the development of e-commerce industry in Liaoning Province and even in Northeast China.