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Angolan president meets with vice chairman of CITIC company

Date : 2013-10-17  | From : Xinhua

Angolan President Rose Eduardo dos Santos on Wednesday met with Wang Jiong, visiting Vice Chairman of the Board of Director and General Manager of China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC), and welcomed the Chinese company to continue to take part in the post-war reconstruction process of the African country.

During the meeting, the Angolan president said all of Anogla's economic sectors were open to CITIC, which he hoped would continue to play a key role in the social housing projects after it completed the first phase of the Kilamba Kiaxi project in southern Luanda.

The project involves a 3.5-billion-U. S.-dollar satellite city with over 20,000 flats in 710 high rising buildings, roads, power plants, schools, police stations, waste water treatment plants and other basic infrastructures.

The Angolan leader said the Kilamba Kiaxi project served as a model and driving force for Angola's post-war reconstruction efforts, which virtually kicked off in 2002 when decades of wars ended in the country.

The 40-minute meeting also focused on the potentials for further cooperation beyond the labor-intensive housing projects with the Chinese company, including professional and technology training, census and exploration of natural resources as well as business opportunities in the agriculture sector, sources close to the meeting told Xinhua.

For his part, Wang thanked the Angolan government for its support to the Chinese company and promised to build up a professional training school in Angola with a capacity of 500 students by the end of 2013.

Wang arrived in Luanda on Tuesday for a three-day visit.