To Positively Step up Negotiations of China-Australia Free Trade Agreement in Pragmatic and Flexible Ways

Date : 2013-08-01  | From : MOFCOM

China Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng met with Trade Minister of Australia Richard Marles in Beijing on July 24, and held talks on China-Australia bilateral economic relations and negotiations on China-Australia FTA. Both parties hope to advance the negotiations on China-Australia FTA in pragmatic and flexible ways.

Minister Gao Hucheng said that China and Australia are highly complementary to each other in economy. Both countries are important trade and investment partners for each other and there is a wide area of economic cooperation. The two parties maintained close communication and cooperation on international and regional affairs relating to economy and trade on many occasions such as Doha Round Negotiations, G20 Submit and APEC, etc. China and Australia have done 19 rounds FTA negotiations. China attaches great importance to such negotiations and are open to any constructive advice. China would like to work together with Australia part to step up the FTA negotiations in honest, pragmatic and flexible manners.

Minister Gao Hucheng spoke highly of the advices Australia proposed on China-Australia FTA negotiations. Minister Gao Hucheng said they were positive and constructive advices and conducive to the reduction of differences of two parties. China will make efforts to work pragmatically and flexibly with Australia towards the same goal so as to step up the negotiations.

Marles said that China and Australia enjoyed the best bilateral relations in history. China will host the APEC meetings next year and Australia will host G20 Submit. Australia would like to deepen the communication and coordination with China to make full use of these two platforms. And also, Australia would like to step up the FTA negotiations in flexible and innovative way so as to reach the agreement with China as soon as possible.

Deputy China International Trade Negotiation Representative Yu Jianhua and Mr. Han Jiasi, the charge d'affaires of Australian Embassy in China also attended the meeting.