Equipmentimes received encouragement by CCCME

Date : 2013-04-23  | From : Equipmentimes

Equipmentimes received affirmation and encouragement by CCCME on March, 2013.

About the Evaluation of Equipmentimes:

LIAONING MEC GROUP CO., LTD has decades of experience inelectronic commerce and is expert in both traditional foreign trade enterpriseand foreign trade e-commerce. It is one of the executive director memberships ofCCCME. Euipmentimes belongs to MEC GROUP, which concentrates on mechanical andelectronic field. Around the globe, Equipemtimes serves for the internationalbuyers, in the mean time, helps minor enterprises in mechanical and electronicindustry to expand international market rapidly. Our self-developed “Self-servicesteward of foreign trade” mode can provide the minor enterprises with more communicationand trade methods, and help to decrease costs of export transaction and solvethe trade financing problem, which has great improvement space and socialvalue.

Brief Introduction of CCCME

Foundedin July of 1988, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (here in after as CCCME), is a nationwide industrial and nonprofit organization, formed jointly and voluntarily by various economic organizations engaged in manufacturing, import and export and other related activities in machinery and electronic industry.