Date : 2013-04-08  | From : Equipmentimes

Equipmentimes is the platform concentrating on international import &export business for machineries and equipments, dedicating to integrate theprofessional resources of complete set of equipment products for Chinese smalland medium-sized enterprise, extending a broader overseas market for Chinesesmall & medium-sized machineries, and also devoting to help foreignmanufactures and dealers to exploit the Chinese market.

We have learned from over 30 years of experience in international tradethat many small and medium-sized Chinese and foreign manufacturers, purchasersand dealers of product online and equipment are frequently puzzled with thefollowing questions: How to get effective sale and purchase information fromthe international market and accomplish transactions? How to make the bestchoice among so many manufacturers of the same equipment? What is the bestmethod to minimize sales costs or purchase costs in the international market?How to deal with the lack of professional personnel and experience in theinternational markets? In order to help the small and medium sized enterprisesto overcome these difficulties, we have in 2008 officially launched“”, a portal website. Through the internet, we present to theinternational market information and data on several hundred sets/units ofproduction lines and equipment within the shortest amount of time. To date,contracts worth tens of millions of US Dollars have been signed and executedthanks to the media of “”.