Molded Case Circuit Breaker

We supply high quality molded circuit breaker with competitive price. You can enjoy professional service here.

Molded Case Circuit Breaker

SIWOM1 moulded case circuit-breakers are featured by compact structure,long service life,low rated power consumption, stable performance.

Earth leakage circuit breaker

SIWOM1 L moulded case circuit-breakers with residual current protection are developed and manufactured with the latest circuit-breaker technology.

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

The Moulded Case Circuit Breakers are mainly used for distribution power, protecting circuits and so on.

Ezc D 100 Series MCCB Low Voltage Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

1.Item name:moulded case circuit breaker EZC(D)100; 2.Function:overload protection; 3.Rated current: 12.5A to 630A; 4.Frequency: 50/60Hz.

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MEC Group-Power Equipment

Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of electric power distribution manufacturing. As one of the most professional molded case circuit breaker manufacturer, we have more than 20 years' experience in molded case circuit breaker manufacturing and trading. We will offer you the most competitive price of products. Our mccb breaker have been supplied to many companies all over the world which enjoy high reputations from our customers with excellent service. 

Shenyang SIWO Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd

The main product of Shenyang SIWO Electric Equipment Company is various power electronic devices. The company offers high quality products to the customers all over the world. The mccb circuit breaker of the company is independent design, develop, product and sale. The products of the mccb supplier occupy high share in Chinese market. If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Mini Circuit Breaker

Professional mini circuit breaker suppliers offer you high quality miniature circuit breaker with competitive price. You can enjoy top-class service here.

Mini Circuit Breaker

The Mini Circuit Breakers are suitable for 50Hz, rated voltage 230V/400V, rated current 1-63A and used for electrical equipment overload and short circuit protection.

Mini circuit breaker

The products are with highly safe, strong breaking capacity, fast movement, and good reliability, long service life, which are suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings and other places.

NB8 Mini Circuit Breaker

SIWOB2L miniature circuit-breakers with residual current protection

5SM1346 Residual Current Circuit Breaker RCCB

5SM1346 Residual Current Circuit Breaker RCCB Residual Current Circuit Breaker RCCB

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MEC- insulator& surge arrester

Our main products miniature circuit breaker have passed ISO9001 quality management system certificate. After technical innovation and industrial transformation for 30 years we have built closing relationship with customers all over the world. We are one of the most professional manufacturers in China. If you want to buy mcb circuit breaker, we are your best choice.

Yueqing Kampa Electric Co., Ltd.

Yueqing Kampa Electric Co., Ltd. is a trustworthy mini circuit breaker manufacturer. Most of products are exported to 20 countries and districts. The enterprise has gained ISO9001, RVA Quality System Attestation (Netherlands),and its mcb circuit breaker has gained CE attestation (European Community), and UL Attestation and CCC Safety Attestation in China successively and has been insured by PICC.

Yueqing Geya Electrical Co., Ltd.

Geya Electrical Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of MCB, RCCB, MCCB, switchgears, industrial plugs, socket outlets, relays and other electrical accessories in China. 

Air Circuit Breaker

Here you can buy air circuit breaker from professional suppliers. We have built long-term relationship with customers all over the world.

Air Circuit Breakers

SIWOW1 universal circuit breakers are applicable for the distribution network of AC50HZ, with rated operation voltage of 400V, 690V, and rated operating current 6,300A and below.

Air Circuit Breaker

The Air Circuit Breakers are used for power distribution and protection of AC 50Hz distribution main and branch circuits at 690V rated voltage, 1000V rated insulation voltage and 400A to 6300A rated current.

CAW1-3200 SeriesAcb 3p 4poles Drawer Type Air Circuit Breaker

CAW1 series intelligent circuit breaker is suitable for the circuit of AC 50/60Hz with rated voltage 400V,690V and rated current up to 6300A.

L7 MCB 380V 440V 63A Low Voltage Electric Air Circuit Breaker

It has high breaking capacity, trip quickly, and its case and items are adopted by high fire resistant and shockproof plastics.

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Saide Electric Co., Ltd.

Saide Electric Co., Ltd. is a specialized air circuit breaker manufacturer combined research, production and sales altogether. With core idea of "Top class quality, Top class service, Top class reputation", we welcome customers all over the world with open arms to build a brand-new era of acb circuit breaker together.


High quality disconnectors are supplied by trustworthy suppliers here. You can buy disconnectors in low price here.


SIWOH1(GLR) series switch-disconnector-fuse (hereinafter called as switch for short) adopts DMC enclosure which has high dielectric property,protective capability and operating safety.

HYCR17 Fuse switch disconnector

The load change over. The work speed and breaking capacity of the fuse is associated with the specific operation situation of the operator.

TNAL/TNALF type Air insulated switch disconnector Same as ABB NAL/NALF 36KV

The products' unique electric arc extinguishing and high switching capacity designs enable them an attractive solution.


A disconnector is suitable for switching small currents or where no significant change in voltage occurs across the terminals.

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SIQI Technology Co., Ltd.

SIQI TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD is a modern electric enterprise specializing in producing disconnector. With rich experience in disconnector switch manufacturing the company has built long-term relationship with customers all over the world. High quality disconnector switch you can buy from us.

Yueqing Tenlee Electric Co., Ltd.

TENLEE ELECTRIC GROUP is a professional electrical disconnect switch manufacturer with about 200 partners. We have much experience in electrical products. We have a group of high-quality professional and technical personnel. We have established production and design bases in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Jiangsu and Wenzhou. Our products have won good reputations in domestic and international markets.

Surge Arrester

We are professional surge arrester manufacturer and supplier. Here you can buy surge arrester with ideal price. Top-class service you can enjoy here.

surge arrester protection RAM-302BUZ-N Surge Killer three phase

Surge Arrester Protection 1.Factory price 2.Samples available 3.Customized available 4. OEM / ODM

surge arrestors porcelain insulator

Specifications ceramic industry 10KV 350mm surge arrestors porcelain insulator 1.according to GB11032-2000 standards

Polymer housed metal oxide surge arrester

These products have merits such as operation reliability, no power-flow current, good anti-contamination ability, good anti-explosion performance.

Porcelain housed mental oxide surge arrester

This product is made of well voltage-ampere characteristic nonlinear metal oxide varistors, its protection performance is excellent.

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Dalian Haokang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Dalian Haokang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of transient absorption products (surge absorbers), electronic arcing (three-phase electronic arcing and single electronic arcing), NC machine tools (I/O converters) and other industrial electronic components (in manufacture industry). 

Zhuzhou Sunshine Electric Porcelain Co., Ltd

The company boasts its abundant technical strength and independent technical development and innovation ability. Most employees come from families with long porcelain tradition and have traditional and rich production experience and technical level. They are able to meet different requirements of GB, ANSI, IEC, BS, AS, DIN and customers and provide high-quality electric porcelain products.

Mec Group-electrical equipment

Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd. is located in China’s famous coastal Dalian city. The company is a comprehensive group, the business scope includes international project contracting, international trade and domestic trade, environmental engineering, e-commerce, real estate and property management, warehousing and logistics , and investment.

Polymer Insulator

Here you can buy polymer insulators and composite polymer insulators. We have rich experience in polymer insulator trading. We offer all our customers professional service.

Composite insulator with porcelain core

Composite post insulator with porcelain core is consisting of porcelain core, sheds and metal fitting. Tel:0086-411-39803728

composite pin insulator

It has good cantilever strength, torsion, the impact of the shack and explosion-proof superior performance, light weight, easy installation, voltage levels typically from 6 to 36 KV.

Composite insulator

It is suitable for overhead line electrical insulation of suspension or tension. it has a good mechanical properties, high tensile strength, invulnerability, and easy to installation.

polymer insulator with fiber rod

The composite insulator series consist of fiberglass epoxy resin lead-out rod, silicon rubber housing and hardware.

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Dalian Composite Insulator Co., Ltd.

Dalian Composite Insulator Co., Ltd. mainly produces 10-500kv series composite insulators. The products are all according to relative international standard and we have gotton certification of ISO9001. The products are high voltage composite insulators, including long rod suspension composite insulator, pin type composite insulators, composite crossarm insulators, composite post insulators, composite bushings, and composite insulators for electric railways. 

Porcelain Insulators

Reliable porcelain electrical insulators suppliers offer you high quality high voltage porcelain insulators with competitive price. You can buy porcelain insulators here.

porcelain strain insulator 54-4

H:171MM D:89MM creepage distance :76mm mechanical failing load:89KN

120kN & 210kN Porcelain insulator suspension

120kN & 210kN Porcelain insulator suspension 1 certificant:ISO9001 2 color:green 3 brand name :TCI made

porcelain insulator

The porcelain part was manufactured with high strength formula, the metal fitting material use aluminum alloy and spheroidal graphite cast iron.

Porcelain/Ceramic Insulator

1.Interchangeable with porcelain insulators 2.Variation in Design 3.Best Price & Service

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Pingxiang huayu electrical insulator trade Co.,Ltd

Pingxiang huayu electrical insulator trade Co.,Ltd is a industry & trade intergation specialist manufacturer, and distributor of cap and pin tupe suspension insulators for high voltage lines made of porcelain with a yearly output of over 1 million pieces.

Dalian Tucheng International Co., Ltd.

TCI, located in Dalian, with the largest port in North-East of China, has strong capacity of technological research and development. We also have a well-established skilled workforce. We have a long-time close relationship with the China Electric Power Research Institute, CESI, all supporting our technological research and development.

Fushun Hi-tech Electric Porcelain and Electricity

Fushun Hitech was founded in 2003, it specialized in manufacturing and developing the HV, EHV、UHV electric porcelain for the transmission field. Our main products are 72.5kV~1100kVpost insulator and all kinds of hollow insulator, which have been identified as international level. 

Pin Type Insulator

Buy pin type insulator from trustworthy suppliers. High quality pin insulator with reasonable price you can find on our page.

pin type insulator insulators 2.ISO9001 3.According to ANSI 4.Competitive price

Pin type composite insulator

1.ISO9001 ISO14001. 2.Standards: IEC, GOSTor drawings and requirements. 3.Independent Design. 4.Brand TCI

Pin Type Porcelain Insulator

We supply the insulators in accordance with the standards of GB, ANSI, AS, CAN as well as customer’s special requirements

FPQ Series High Quality Fpq Compsite High Voltage Pin-Type Insulator

The products are composed of silicon rubber for sheds/ housing, glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod core and hop DIP galvanized metal fittings.

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Jeway (Fujian) Electrical Co., Ltd.

JEWAY (FUJIAN) ELECTICAL CO., LTD. was founded in 2007. The major products are covering suspension insulators of different kinds with the scale below 30 tons (including ANSI 52 series), high and medium voltage pin type insulators, porcelain cross arm insulators, and different series of pillar and sleeving insulators with the operation power below 35KV, cut-out fuse series and isolated switch series, electric fitting etc. 

Lightning Arrester

High quality lightning arrester are supplied from reliable manufacturers you can buy here. Buy lightning conductor with competitive price on

Surge/lightning arrester

30 KV Metal-oxide polymer surge arrester Model NO.: YH5W-30, YH10W-30 Certifcation: KEMA, ISO9001

Lightning Arrester

Our product line covers 35kV-1000kV porcelain lightning arrester, 6kV-750kV polymeric lightning arrester, 72.5kV-800kV GIS lightning arrester and lightning arresters for specific applications and conditions.

SAL Series MCB Power Source Lighting Arrestor Surge Protection

For protection of residential, commercial and industrial wiring installations against voltage surges caused by lightning or other phenomena.

Qfl Series MCB Protective Gap Surge Protection Lighting Arrestor

For protection of residential, commercial and industrial wiring installations against voltage surges caused by lightning or other phenomena.

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Yueqing Baichang Electric Co., Ltd.

Yueqing Baichang Electric Co., Ltd. is professional lightning arrester manufacturer. The company has already been widely known as an influential lightning arrester company among customers. We have passed the quality managerment system ,ISO9001:2008. Our marketing strategy is "Customer First, customer satisfaction". We actively seek high-end customers, have strategic cooperation with them and become their ligtning arrester supplier.

Dropout Fuse Cutout

We are reliable supplier of dropout fuse cutout. We can meet our customers'requirements from all over the world.

porcelain dropout fuse cut out

The Fuse Cutout are primary used to protect transformers or lines from short circuits and overloads and switching currents.

Ceramic dropout fuse cut out

1. Widely applicable for12KV electric distribution as protector; 2. can protect transformer, capacitor, cable, branch cable;

YK1-100A Series 15kv Fuse Cutout Porcelain Tube with Fuse Holder

15kv fuse cutout porcelain tube with fuse holder 100A Packing information: 1. Inside foam package ,outside strong paper package 2. 1pcs/per CTN.

15kv Silicon Rubber Product Fuse Cutout Polymer Type Fiber Glass 200A

1.high disconnect switch 2.smooth porcelain, good looking, 100% copper for upper contact and low contact

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Yueqing Crop Trading Co., Ltd.

As professional dropout fuse cutout manufacturer Yueqing Crop Trading Co., Ltd. has rich experience in protection device manufacturing, the produce ability and comprehensive supply chain of the company is continuously improving for being perfect. With the development of the company the customers from all over the world who have demand in ceramic fuse cutout, porcelain housed fuse cutout etc. have built close relationship with the company.

SF6 circuit breaker

SF6 circuit breaker for sale on We are trustworthy SF6 circuit breaker supplier. You can buy SF6 circuit breaker from professional manufacturers here.

252-550KV SF6 circuit breaker

The product are used for making and breaking normal current, fault current and changing over of circuit, so as to realize the control and protection of power system.

72.5-252KV SF6 circuit breaker

The product is designed with self-energizing theory that the arc generated in the interrupter is distinguished at a specified time with a part of energy from the arc itself.

72.5-252KV SF6 circuit breaker

The product is designed with self-energizing theory that the arc generated in the interrupter is distinguished at a specified time with a part of energy from the arc itself.

252-550KV SF6 circuit breaker

The product including are used for making and breaking normal current, fault current and changing over of circuit, so as to realize the control and protection of power system.

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Yueqing Aiso Electric Co., Ltd.

Yueqing City AISO Electric Appliance Co., Ltd has a wealth of experience in production and sales,we specialize in production of SF6 circuit breaker and other electric equipment. The company can customize suitable sf6 circuit breaker products according to your requirement. As one of the most professional circuit breaker manufacturers has been supplying high quality high voltage sf6 circuit breaker, outdoor sf6 circuit breaker to customers all over the world.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

We are professional vacuum circui breaker manufacturer. Here you can find vacuum circuit breaker for sale. We have rich experience in trading vacuum circuit breakers.

Dz47-63 Indicator Overcurrent Protection Mini Vacuum Circuit Breaker

1.Good Quality Guaranteed With Reasonable Price. 2.OEM, ODM Are Welcomed. 5.Delivery on time

Xgn56-24 Metal-Clad Modular Switchgear Compact Switchgear with Vacuum Circuit Breakerwith Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Ratings: system voltage 3.6kV, 7.2KV, 12KV, 24KV,rated current up to 4000A, AC three phase 50/60HZ

Vs1 Series Hv Normal Type High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The product is rated voltage 12kV, three-phase AC 50Hz/60Hz Indoor high-voltage switchgear, applied for power stations, substations.

Pole-Mounted Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The product is mainly used to break and close the load current, over load current and short circuit current in electrical system.

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Ningbo Tianan Group Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Tianan (Group) Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1969, is a national large enterprise, national key high-tech enterprise, industry key enterprises and Zhejiang provincial leading enterprise in power transmission and transforming industry. 


Huanghua Group is one of the Top 500 Private Enterprises in comprehensive strength in China, mainly specializing in the production of high-low voltage power transmission and distribution equipment, including substation, power distribution automated switchgears, terminal devices, as well as high-low voltage components, etc. 

Shentong Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is specialized in the production of HV/LV Integrated Switch Console, Column intelligent vacuum circuit breaker, indoor vacuum switch, HV/LV current/voltage transformers, High voltage metering box and other electric components.