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Packaging Machine

Flow Wrapping Machine


Flow wrapping is a horizontal-motion process in which product of any shape is wrapped in clear or printed polypropylene film. Flowpack machine is necessary. On Equipmentimes.com you can find high quality flow pack machine for sale. Our flow wrap machine applies technology to achieve package quality and operation efficiency. The machines can be used for the flow pack packaging of various kinds of solid objects with regular shape (Square/Rectangle/Circular/Ellipse/Flake etc)

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JY-450E Automatic flow wrapping machine

Adjustable bag former and pitches,enable the change of packing products conveniently.

JY-350F Automatic Flow Wrapping Machine(Brush-t)

High-sensitive photo sensor,automatically adjust,track,find cutting point,accumulatively count packs,Automatic measure bag length.

JY-280F / JY-320F Automatic Flow Wrapping Machine

Mainly used for various kinds of solid objects with regular shape(Square/Rectangle/Circular/Ellipse/Flake etc.),such as moon-cake,muffin cake,bread,fruit pie,biscuits,sweet roll,sweets,chocolate,pharmaceuticals tools,medicine,daily necessities,hardware,or any other products loaded in box or tray.

Powder Packing Machine

JE-1000P Powder Filling Machine


JEV-280P Automatic Powder Packaging Machine

JEV-280P Automatic powder packaging machine

JEV-500FW Automatic powder packaging machine with four weighers

JEV-500FW Automatic powder packaging machine with four weighers

Liquid and Paste Packing Machine


Advanced design, high precision and fast speed; No film alarm, saving materials and no wasting film; Suitable to pack liquid or paste materials, such as shampoo, ketchup, jelly, sauce, etc.

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Multi lines Liquid/Paste Packing Machine

Suitable to pack liquid or paste materials,such as shampoo,ketchup,jelly,sauce,etc.

JEV-280L Liquid / Paste Packing Machine

JEV-280L Liquid / paste packing machine

JEV-7500 Liquid Packing Machine

JEV-7500 liquid filling machine is the main machine for the liquid production line.

Vacuum Packing Machine


With complete functions, air extractor packaging machine can not only do process of sealing, but also vacuum extraction and insert gas flushing after vacuum extraction. Without limitation caused by the size of vacuum chamber, the air extractor packaging machine has very wide application range.

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DZ-800C Air Extractor Packaging Machine

Without limitation caused by the size of vacuum chamber, the air extractor packaging machine has very wide application range.

DZ-1000 Automatic Vacuum Packer


JE-320AV Automatic Vacuum Forming and Packing Machine

DZ-210AV series automatic tray vacuum gas flushing packaging machine is controlled by a microcomputer,can automate the process of tray feeding,vacuum extraction,inert gas flushing,tray sealing and tray output.

Shrink Packing Machine


As a company doing business in shrink wrap machine area we can supply our customers different kinds of shrink wrap packaging machine. We can provide high quality automatic shrink wrap machine, semi automatic stretch wrap machine, shrink tunnel machine and L bar shrink wrap machine. These shrink wrap equipment are suitable for many different materials, such as bottles. They can be used for packing of food and chemical. Here you can find best shrink wrap machine and shrink machine manufacturer.

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Pillow Packing Machine


We can provide you automatic pillow packing machines for different applications. Here you can find potato chips packing machine, candy packing machine, chocolate packing machine etc. Also there are horizontal packaging machine and vertical packaging machine for sale. The pillow packaging machine is also applicable for ice cream, tablet, mooncake, wall switch, biscuit, agricultural and sideline products.

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JY-450E pillow packing machine

Stepper motor control,packing length is as same as settings,unnecessan/to adiust blank travel.complete in one step.saving time and films;by special stainless steel surface treatment technologies. wangxun124@163.com

JY-350F pillow packing machine

The whole unit adopts a stainless steel structure with full resistance to the rust and water;on the main control circuit,the controllers,frequency control and LCD screen developed by our company are available,all make it direct-viewing and convenient to operate wangxun124@163.com

JY-400E pillow packing machine

Step ddven paper feeding is accurate and easy to adjust The stepper motor is capable of self—compensating,the photoelectric tracking is precise and quick,saving films and reducing COSTS. wangxun124@163.com

Granule Packing Machine


Granule packaging machine is used for packing of packing granular products. Our granule pouch packing machine can be used for sachet packaging, and the packing of sugar, vegetable, nuts, grain and popcorn. You can choose different bag sizes. Also we have granule filling machine and vertical packaging machine for sale. With high quality and top class service our granule packaging machine can be your best choice for food and pharmaceutical packaging.

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JEV-300G Automatic granule packing machine

JEV-300G Automatic granule packing machine

Multi lanes Granule Packing Machine

Famous brand PLC control system,large touch screen,convenient to operate

Rotary type granule packing machine

Suitable for tea, food, food, seeds, fruit, grain shape chemicals and pharmaceuticals, micro and small components such as general non-sticky solid materials.

Bottle Blowing Machine


We supply our customers wide range of pet bottle blowing machine. With machines you can manufacture containers for various products, such as mineral water, juice or cosmetics. Our bottle making machines products have got a lot of positive feed-backs from our customers. High performance, low maintenance cost and smooth operation is the features of our blow molding machine. So far we have exported bottle manufacturing machines to Asian, European and African countries.

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Big Bottle Blowing Machine

Blowing system: create the high-pressure integration valve group, the single cavity productive capacity is increased by 60%. Concentrated heating system: patent light box provides an even temperature, lamp distance 101mm rather than 240mm from others and save power by more than 50%.

18.9L,19L PET Bottle making machine,water bottle blowing machine

Perfect function with economic investment. Small size and compact construction with no space waste. Easy to operate and maintain ,operation by one person. Saving power and uneasy to worn out

Blow Moulding Machines 6000bph

Lt-6C1L reaches around 6000BPH for 350ML bottle. Its baking tunnel is separated from the blow station so that time for mold opening is shortened with a result of speedy blowing and high output, damage to machine is lessened so as to keep reliable performance and prolong service life, as well as machine runs more smoothly and steadily.

Bottle Blowing Making Machine (MP-B-2)

Stretch-blow Molding machine is newly designed and reformed on previous experiences of our manufacture

5L Plastic Bottles Making Machine China Factory Supply

Automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for blowing to PET as raw material of any shape of plastic containers and plastic bottles,widely used in blowing carbonated beverage bottle,mineral water bottle, Oil bottle, pesticide bottle, cosmetic bottle, large caliber bottles and hot filling bottles.

Automatic 3-station Bottle Blowing Machine,one step working

*7000-8000 bottles per hour *Full automatic control,easy operation. *Servo motor and pneumatic drive,avoid dirty product. Please contact:zhangmimin122@126.com

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Wenzhou Jiuyi Machinery Co., Ltd.

JIUYI Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Yantai Road,Yongqiang Avenue,ETDZ Wenzhou China,Specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing,sales and after-sales services.Our company has developed a variety of different types machines,widely used for food, drinks,paper,metal appliances,and household industries. Especially for the automatic packaging machine,sealing machine,filling machine,ice cream machine and bakery equipment.We have applied for many national patents and most have Passed CE certificate,Products well selling in domestic and overseas market,Like:Europe,North America,South America, Central Asia, southeast Asia, Africa etc.
USING HIGH TECH BENEFIT FOR CUSTOMERS is our approach.FAST AND THOUGHTFUL AFTER SALES SERVICE is our principle.we do think what our customers think and we do care what our customers care,give the utmost care and attention for each process of customer consumption.we will continue to improve ourselves,to create our own brand by excellent quality and sincerely service,Let us together towards a more WIN WIN situation.

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