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Semi-Auyomatic truck tyre changer

1.Semi-Auyomatic truck tyre changer t568 universal; 2.Self-Centering chuck rim capacity 14"-26"; 3.Clochwise and anticlockwise rotation of chuck; 4.Italian pump optional.

Powerful Automatic Truck Type Changer

Hydraulic motor system tyre operation much more powerful; Automatic hydraulic mounting arm finds precise angle; Double pressing roller suitable for different sizes of tubeless tyre; This vertical truck type changer saves more space and works more efficiency.

Truck Tyre Changer Equipment

Swing arm for minimum space requirement; Self-centring four-jaw turntable controlled via two clamping cylinders for correct clamping of the wheel; Bead breaker with large anti-skid rubber pad; Locking rim from 10”-22”; Large bead breaker blade; A Rear air tank serves as tubeless tyre inflation device.

Automatic Car Tyre Changer Machine

Pedal assembly may draw from front cover; Larger main body and turning table; Adjustable bead breaker; Bigger bead breaker cylinder Φ200, more powerful.

Hot Sale Unite Tire Changer

1.For standard, low-profile and run-flat wheels of car and light commercial vehicles; 2.Pneumatically operated tilting back post; 3.Right help arms; 4.Locking rim from 12”-26”.

Most Popular Machines for Tire Changer

1.Central pressing tyre function makes jaws grip rim fastly; 2.Adjusting mobile slider to be suitable for different rim ranges; 3.The once forming mobile slider and the design of processing machinery structure made it not easy to deformation.

automotive mobile truck tyre changer

1.Suitable for mountaing/demounting larger and wider tires; 2.High-performance on alloy wheels mountaing/demounting; 3.Equipped with inflation gauge; 4.Equipped with bead breaker system extremelly versatile.

larger image semi-automatic truck tyre changer

Low price, dependability and repeatable accuracy make it one of the most popular models of the entire line of computer wheel balancers.

Semi-Automatic hunter tire changer

1.Outside Clamping 10"-19"; 2.Inside Clamping 12"-21"; 3.Max. Wheel Diameter 38"; 4.Max. Wheel Width 3"-15"; 5.CE Approved.

Good Quality Tire Changer Euqipmen

Delivery time:10-30 days after payment; Payment term:Full payment 100%; Package:Wooden packing.

296Kg High-Quality Tire Changing Machine

Motor Power: 1.1 kw / 0.75 kw ;Max. Rim Diameter: 45"(1143mm) ;Max. Rim Width: 16"(406mm);Outside Clamping: 11-24" ;Inside Clamping: 13-26";Bead Breaker Force: 2500kg.

Manufacturer Tire Changer Professinal Machine

1. Customer can choose color of the software; 2. Printing customer' LOGO; 3. Order separate part.

High Torque And Low Noise Tire Changer

1.Standard swing arm design 2.Durable and convenience operation. 3.Handling tyre diameter 8" - 23" with optional adapters. 4.Al. Aloy air cylinder, anti-corrosion, stable output 5.Al. Aloy head, wear resistance, excellent impact resistance 6.New gear pump, high effeciency, high torque, low noise。

Flat Disassembly Truck Tire Changer

1.Three types of truck tire changer:DZ980,DZ698,DZ568; 2.Structure:horizontal; 3.Power source:electric; 4.Type:flat disassembly; 5.Automatic:semi-automatic; 6.Standard:standard.

Tire Changer With Scientific Structural Design

Theenlarged 24''turntable is suitable for mounting/demounting more larger and wider tire, especially for low profile tire;The clamping jaws and mounting and demounting head are made of high-quality alloy steel and of scientific structural design which protects steel rim from any damage during operation.

Automatic Flat Disassembly Tyre Changer

1.Power supply: 220V/50~60Hz; 2.Motor Power: 1.1~1.5KW; 3.Rim Rang: 12"~28"/305~711mm; 4.Max. Wheel diameter: 41"/1100mm; 5.Max. Wheel width: 15"/381mm; 6.Operating pressure: 8~10bar; 7.Noise: <70dB; 8.Net weight: 372kg; 9.Gross weight: 425kg.

Vertical Semi-Automatic Tyre Changer

Power supply: 110V/220/400V/50-60Hz; Motor Power: 0.8KW/1.1KW; Outside clamping: 11''-21''/280-530mm; Inside clamping: 13''-24''/330-610mm; Max. Wheel diameter: 41''/1100mm; Max. Wheel width: 13''/330mm; Bead-breaker force: 2500kgf.

13-21 Inches Semi Automatic Tire Changer

1. Rim Clamping From Outside:150mm-535mm (6″- 21″); 2. Max Tyre Diameter:940mm (37″); 3. Max Tyre Width:255mm (10″); 4. Working Pressure:0.8-1.0MPa(110-147Psi) 5. Voltage:110V/220V(1ph) 380V (3ph)

New Type Automatic Tire Changer

Reversible tool head mounting & demounting tires without touching the rim;Six-axis oriented tube extends to 270mm can prevent effectively deformation if six-axis;foot valve fine structure can be demounting as a whole,operation stably and reliably,and easy maintenance.

2017 Full Automatic Tyre Changer

Tilting column and pneumatic locking mount & demount arm. Six-axis oriented tube extends to 270mm can prevent effectively deformation if six-aixs;foot valve fine structure can be demounting as a whole,operation stably and reliably,and easy maintenance;special steel mount &demount head,super hardness,reduce the frictions as well as corrosion.

Tyre Changer Machine Automatic with Pneumatic

Forward/back swinging mounting arm;pneumatic locking mounting head;clamping control footpetals in cylinder forward step by step,its convenient and promptly to folder rims.

Tilt-Back Tire Changer Machine

Semi-automatic tire changer;hig density aluminm casting bead breaker cylinder piston provide inceased sevice life;The clamping jaw is made of special materials and is firm and durable.

Cheap Used Tire Changer Machine

Optional motorcycle adaptor;S41 enhanced mounting bar provide long time and high strength service without any mechanical deeformation;equip with tire press help kit,it makes the job more quickly and easily.

Semi-Automatic Tire Changer with Ce

1.hig density aluminm casting bead breaker cylinder piston provide inceased sevice life; 2.The clamping jaw is made of special materials and is firm and durable; 3.optional motorcycle adaptor.

150kg Capacity Truck Tyre Changer

Easy operation of lifting device and mount-demount tyre with protection lever,well-consideration safety and stable.The microprocessor is composed of integrate circuit,with high-capacity and hight-stability can realize the converting of or small model wheels.

Tire Changer HT-888

Rim---Steel, Aluminum,Alloy Inner Clamping----11"-24" Outer Clamping---10"-21" Max.Tire Diameter--44" Max.Wheel Width---14" Bead Breaker Pneumatic/Force--8"/5500lb Power Supply :220v/380v

tire changer

Technical Data Rim clamping from outside:12〞-24〞(305-610mm) Rim clamping from inside:14〞-26〞(356-660mm) Bead-breaker force:3000kg Max.wheel diameter: 39〞(1000mm) Max.wheel width:13〞(330mm) Operating pressure:0.6-1.2mpa Motor power:1.1/0.75kw Power supply:220/380V N.W./G.W:300kg/375kg

NHT831 Tire Changer with Helper and Air Tank Post

NHT831 Automatic Car Tire Changer without the help arm/helper (If remove arm it becomes NHT830)

CE approved motorcycle tire changer for sale

1) CE approved 2) motorcycle tire changer 3) 7 days delivery

Tilt back automatic tire changer for car workshop

1)Rim size 10 - 24 2)Max.wheel diameter:930mm 3)Wheel width :3-12 4)Operating pressure:8-10bar 5)Packing:980x760x1010mm,0.75cbm,270kgs

Full automatic leveless tire changer for sale CE

1) Rim clamping : 14 - 30 2) Wheel width : 3 - 13 3) Motor power : 0.85/1.1KW 4) Packing size:1680x1150x2000mm,3.9cbm,692kgs

Heavy duty truck tire changer for garage

1) Max.wheel diameter: 1600mm 2) Max.wheel width: 760mm 3) Max.wheel weight: 1500kgs 4)Rim diameter: 14-26 5) Hydraulic pump motor:1.5kw 380V/3PH/50Hz 6) Gearbox motor:1.8kw 380V/3ph/50Hz 7) Operating pressure : 130-150bar 8) Noise level : less than 75db 9) Packing:2100x1650x930mm,3.2cbm,795kgs

Truck used mobile tire changer with CE

1) Max.wheel diameter: 1400mm 2) Max.wheel width: 600mm 3) Rim diameter: 13-26 4) Hydraulic pump motor:1.5kw 380V/3PH/50Hz 5) Gearbox motor:1.8kw 380V/3ph/50Hz 6) Packing :1690x1140x1650mm,1carton,570kgs,3.20cbm

Truck used mobile tire changer with CE

1) Max.wheel diameter: 1400mm 2) Max.wheel width: 600mm 3) Rim diameter: 13-26 5) Gearbox motor:1.8kw 380V/3ph/50Hz 6) Packing :1690x1140x1650mm,1carton,570kgs,3.20cbm

Tire Changer DL5203A

Tire Changer DL5203A

Tire Changer DL5203B

Tire Changer DL5203B

Multi-Tire Changer DL5202

Multi-Tire Changer DL5202

Tire Changer DL5201

Tire Changer DL5201


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