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Ice Cream Sugar Cone Baking Machine

Sugar rolled cone, egg roll, round thin biscuit, wafer biscuit and bowl-shaped cup pattern all can make. We can design the different baking machines to make different types of sugar rolled cones as required by clients. Introduce more types of machine, detailed specification we can provide you.

Ice Cream Filling Machine

BG series ice cream filling machine is supplied for filling ice cream, sorbet and ice water into cups, cones, containers. The range for cups start from 50ml to 1000ml. It meets the requirement for different sizes of cups, the following station will be re-fixed, like cup dispenser, lid dispenser, lid pressure, beside one set of new nylon mould.

Popsicle Rotary Production Line

Rotary Production Line was all made by stainless, it was jointing by double annular tank. The mould always keep in the frozen brine tank , can also change the mould suddenly and convenient . The sanitation of equipment , safety and credibility, putting an end to pollution. This machine is the most advanced of the fourth disk-type.

Ice Cream Extrusion Production Line

Ice Cream Extrusion Production Line adopts advanced components including SIEMENS screen, FESTO electromagnetic valve, cylinder, SIEMENS PLC programmable controller, etc. The operation system is complete electric appliance linkage, with 5 motors. The machine is equipped with 1 set of mechanical arm and link with the electric appliance.

Colored Ice Cream Machine

Colored Ice Cream Machine is used for producing ice cream of single color, single layer, double layer, all kinds fruit and chocolate taste. The machine has reached the internationally advanced technology level. Adopting complete pneumatic working, Siemens PLC & HMI display all operation data in the touch screen. The cold brine supply of machine adopts double - in, single- out method to increase the heat and cold exchanging speed and flowing speed, realize energy and costs saving, the length of moulds can reach 160mm,and 55pieces mechanical arms .


Audited Suppliers Show

Nanjing Puyuan Ice Cream Machinery Manufacturing Company

Nanjing puyuan ice cream machinery manufacturing company located in the Nanjing national high technology development zone, adjacent to the third bridge , and only 333km away on the 312 national highway , one of the main transportation channels in china. With its excellent geography position, it enjoys a very convenient transporation. The company engaged in manufacturing a series of frozen foods machines, and which have widely distributed throughout China and well sold to New Zealand, Russia, Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam, etc.

Puyuan had 20 years experience on the machinery business, that always be famous by supplying the ice cream production line quick freezing device and filling machine, we also have a high technology level.