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Zhucheng Wanxin Machinery Co., Ltd.

Main Products: poultry slaughtering equipment,broiler abattoir,chicken slaughter,rabbit slaughter,butcher equipment

Nanjing Hongwei Slaughtering Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Main Products:Customs Registration Certificate,Foreign Trade Registration Form,Nanjing famous,Nanjing Lishui well-known trademarks,Nanjing contract and trustworthy

Yanbei Animal Husbandry Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

Main Products: Animal and Poultry Farming Equipment (Poultry Farming Equipment,Feed Equipment,Egg Grading Equipment),Pig Farming Equipment,Feed Equipment)

Qingdao Raniche Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Main Products:poultry slaughtering machinery,poultry slaughtering line,chicken slaughtering line,duck slaughtering line,goose slaughtering line
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