• intelligent CIP in-place cleaning system

intelligent CIP in-place cleaning system

Through conductivity detector consisting of PLC and touch screen control system achieved the automatic online cleaning.System composition

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At present, the intelligent CIP in-place cleaning system is widely applied in biological fermentation, pharmaceutical, dairy products, beverage, etc for cleaning demanding industry, in order to achieve health sterile effect.

Working principle:
By setting the program (adjustable) by CLP cleaning system automatically compound cleaning fluid, by the pneumatic control valve and pump, the liquid pump delivery to complete the cleaning and reflux circulation cleaning, discharge, recycling the whole cleaning process.Through conductivity detector consisting of PLC and touch screen control system achieved the automatic online cleaning.System composition:
Intelligent CIP system for the central integration system, including water injection, CLP tank, heat exchanger, pipeline filter, pump, pump, temperature control instrument, liquid level control instrument, electrical conductivity detector tube valve parts, PLC, touch screen, control cabinet and system, etc.
intelligent CIP in-place cleaning system

Company Profile

Wenzhou Advanced Tech., Co., LTD,with its Head Company"Zhejiang Dafeng Light Machinery Co. Limited", is a professional manufacturer that is concerned with the design, development and production of the stainless steel hygiene fluid equipment,emulsifying equipment,Pharmaceutical and biological machinery equipment,beverage processing,chemical equipment,sanitary valves and fittings etc.
Our company took the lead in passing national manufacturing license certification for pressure vessels(class D) and ISO9001:2000 international quality system certificate.

In general,we are a rising comprehensive Enterprise which is engaged in the field of food,dairy,beverage,chemical engineering and pharmacy industries.
By always keeping to the belief,"Quality is the life of product and the foundation for enterprise development".Advanced Tech Enterprise is continuously strengthening the internal management system,introducing internationally advanced machining equipments and giving full play to the plasma automatic welding technology,cold working technology,polishing technology and automatic control technology.
In addition,the company equipped with material analyzer,CIP inspector,roughness inspector,mechanical performance tester,sealtester and strength pressure test equipment and carries out whole-course supervision on the control points related to quality.

Our main product range:
1.Pharmaceutical Equipment and Fluid project:Natural extract concentration system equipment,automatic macroporous resin absorbing unit,alcohol recovery tower,multifunctional extracting tank,normal taper type extracting tank(traditional type),supercritical CO2 fluid extraction equipment, water treatment equipment,water filtering machines,livestock and poultry high pressure extracting tank,RH dual heat reflux extracting concentrator,percolating tank,plate type concentrator,heat exchanger,hot pump dual-effect energy saving concentrator,
single effect(double-effect,triple-effect)rising film evaporator,WJG series injection liquid allotting machine,single-effect,double-effect and tri-effect concentrators

2.Sanitary food,emulsifying machines and p