• high classic Chinese pipe fitting mould

high classic Chinese pipe fitting mould

1. CPVC pipe fitting mould for high pressure. 2. UPVC pipe fitting mould for water drainage 3. PVC belling pipe fitting mould( with collapsible cores for pressure water supply). 4. Electricity cable pipe fitting mould, built in-wall various PVC pipe fittings. haishiqi12@yeah.net

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PPR pipe fitting is specially for water supplying piping system,
the connection of the fitting with the pipe has 3 different types.
1. gluing type.
2. welding type.
3. screwing type.


 PP pipe fitting mould can be divided as below series:
1. PP belling pipe fitting mould 
2. PP drainage pipe fitting mould
3. PPH belling pipe fitting mould
4. PPH sanitary wares mould